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Astrology 2022:Know about the actual meanings of characters that appear in your dreams

My Jyotish Expert Updated 08 Mar 2022 07:15 AM IST
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Astrology 2022:Know about the actual meanings of characters that appear in your dreams

Our dreams show us a range of different characters. Like parts of a movie or show or someone in your real life who is very close to you. Some of it reflects your personality and some indicate an event or message related to a relation or relative of yours. According to astrology, the characters of your dreams can be and represent anything.

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Some parts of your nature may come out in your dreams. It can be a child, an intelligent, or even a cowardly version. An invisible spirit, or someone who is going through a difficult or joyous time. According to astrology, every character in your dream is as important as reality. But what do the characters in your dreams represent?
Let's know:

According to astrology, seeing your mother as a character in your dreams
shows the nurturing side of your quality. Also, it shows that some people may face some problems in freeing themselves from their mothers. Thus, they face evolution and exclusivity.
On the other hand, if you are seen talking with your mother in your dream, it means that your mind is very busy. Also, you are facing a lot of difficulty in dealing with your life in your present reality. Also, it could mean that you have some unresolved issues with your mother that you need to work on. You should nurture your life and be kind to yourself.
seeing friends in dreams

Seeing friends as characters in a dream
is a sign of something important happening in the dream according to astrology. They make up for what your life lacks. Moreover, they appear in our dreams to teach us something. It could be some lesson related to your current reality or something that you have been facing for a long time.
If you see them talking to you in your dream, it can mean that you are having a tough time with them and you should resolve your issues at the earliest.
If this is an argumentative conversation, it would mean that you need to be free with them and share your opinion frankly. However, if you see them having a pleasant conversation with you, consider it a sign that you will be having a great time with your friends in the coming days.

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see someone as a ghostly figure

According to astrology, it is a strange thing to not see any one of all the characters in a dream. It's like there's someone around you, but not there. Thus, seeing an invisible or ghostly figure in your nightmares and dreams indicates both good and bad signs.
If you believe that someone is in a dark environment around you and feel cold or intimidated, this reflects your innate side. You must be going through some trouble regarding your intelligence and personality. It serves as a guide telling you that you should focus more on self-appreciation. In addition, you should practice self-love and optimistically approach your future.
On the other hand, if you feel someone around you and the background is bright, it's a clear sign that something better is about to happen. According to astrology, this will be very good for your personality. It shows that whatever you are feeling about your future, you should move forward with it.

see a family member

If you see a family member in your dream, then according to astrology it usually expresses your interaction with that person. Also, it shows your emotional connection with them. Also, it reflects how you feel about them. In addition, how you are with them currently and their value in your life is also illustrated.
If you see your siblings, you will be having a blissful time with them. However, if you see them fighting with you, it could mean that an old disturbance related to your siblings may reappear.

see your partner

If you are a woman and see a guy (maybe your crush, spouse, or boyfriend), then be prepared because you are about to spend some romantic time with them. Your partner will surprise you with a beautiful romantic time or very soon offer a lifetime commitment. Those who see their female partner in a dream can expect turmoil in their relationships.
If you dream of fighting with your partner, take it as a sign of a re-evaluation of your outlook and negative prospects in your relationships. However, if you do end up marrying him, take it as a clear sign of him getting closer.
However, if you see a third person or a shadow around you or your partner, beware! Hopefully, someone may have some involvement or manipulation. It could be your family man, someone interested in your partner, or something old coming your way.
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