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Astrology 2022: know how to choose your right partner for marriage

Prerna PrernaPrerna Prerna Updated 21 Jan 2022 04:22 PM IST
Marriage discussion with astrologer, know about your bonding with your life partner
Marriage discussion with astrologer, know about your bonding with your life partner - Photo : google
Know from astrology how to choose your right partner for marriage
Choosing the right partner in Indian marriage practice has different importance in itself, there are many reasons behind finding the right pair, but the main reason is a lucky future. No path in life is straight or easy, difficulties often come and go. After tying the knot every day, two expressions keep adding to that relationship. Also, every day two parts of emotion and mentality come out in their life and in the midst of all this, it is important that we always give priority to the needs and happiness of our partner. How to choose your right life partner is the most complicated and important question to date. For the question of how to choose the right life, a few things have to be kept in mind.

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Let us tell you that for a successful marriage, two main things are necessary, choosing a sensible and right partner and according to astrology, the right time for marriage. Once a person is engrossed in a job or business, he needs a partner to walk him along in a progressive and happy direction in life. And why not because marriage is the most important event in the life of an individual and family members.
Equal opportunity to choose both the bride and the groom
With this, the joy of life is doubled by choosing the ideal partner. However, in today's modern era where divorce has become a common occurrence after minor tussles, finding a good life partner is not an easy task either. With this, the present era is not the era of a male-dominated society. Today when a person searches for his life partner, then both the bride and the groom get equal opportunity to choose. Their aspirations matter equally.
Therefore, it is not only necessary to get married now in life, but it is also necessary to find the right partner for marriage. Otherwise, there are many such phases in life where a person has to face loneliness. According to Indian ancient astrology, if a person wants to know such special things related to his life, then the person's horoscope is very important, read further.
  • Unknown reasons that hinder marriage
  • In some situations, marriage proposals do not come easily even after a good lifestyle. 
  • After walking a few steps after a conflicting reason, the matter does not move forward. 
  • Too much is expected from the life partner, which hinders the marriage. 
  • Sometimes, even someone close to that person may find it difficult to find the right life partner. 
  • In some circumstances, due to the position of the planets in the horoscope, the person has to face misfortune. Is.
Apart from these circumstances, there are also some such facts that create obstacles in the marriage of a person-
  • Distrustful nature. 
  • Extremely conservative nature to the religion, social and economic status of the spouse.
  •  Negative thinking and obsessive nature. 
  • A selfish personality. 
  • Tendency to criticize. Limited to oneself. 
  • Inability to give empathy. 
  • Lack of compassion. 
  • Inability to devotion. 
  • On commitment Don't be steadfast
Importance of reading horoscope for the right partner
In Kundli analysis, there are many such reasons which create hurdles in marriage even after tireless efforts. Ascendants with negative vision and tarnished Lagna can be the major reasons for obstruction in marriage. However, there are very few people who work to overcome this shortcoming.
Important house for marriage
In Vedic astrology, the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are considered inauspicious. This house becomes a hindrance in the development of other houses. When the native's marriage and life partner's house is 7th from the Ascendant, then the second and 12th house from this house and the sixth house from the ascendant are inauspicious. All these houses have a negative effect on the seventh house (the house of marriage and spouse). If any planet is in this house then this problem will become more complicated.
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The factor of marriage in astrology
For men, the planet Venus is the aspect of the Ascendant while for women, Jupiter is the significator of the ascendant. If these planets are not in a benefic position in the seventh house in the horoscope, then there may be a delay in marriage. In this case or for every purpose Saturn is the biggest factor. If Saturn is in the seventh house or the lord of the seventh house in the Ascendant horoscope or is in the Navamsha, then surely there will be some delay in getting a perfect man.
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