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Goddess is worshipped on the cremation ground, Know the Miraculous Temple

My Jyotish Expert Updated 15 Jun 2021 01:02 PM IST
Mother Mansa
Mother Mansa - Photo : Google
Goddess is still worshiped in the cremation ground, know about this miraculous temple-
There are many mysterious temples in India. Here is a long list of miraculous temples from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. People from far away come to see these mysterious temples. Perhaps this is called the beauty of India. Somewhere from the steps of the temple, the tune of the gamut comes, and somewhere there are swinging pillars in the temple.

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When it comes to the temple, we always feel that the temple must be in some beautiful and serene environment of the city. But today we are talking about that mysterious temple which is located in the crematorium in Meerut. Who is called the goddess of death? The idol installed in this temple is worshiped as Maa Masha Devi.
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The mystery of the temple remains intact even today
No one has been able to know the secret of when, how, and who established this temple in the crematorium of Meerut. It is said that this place had a cremation ground two years ago. There was also an idol of Goddess in the middle. Hence it is also known as Marghat Wali Devi.
Special worship is done on Sunday
This temple is established in the crematorium of Aurangshahpur Diggi village of Meerai in Meerut. Although you can worship Goddess here anytime, worshiping on Sundays is considered special. There is a huge crowd of devotees in this temple on Sundays. Devotees from far away come here for darshan. According to the belief, one who comes here once has never returned empty-handed. According to the residents, the idol installed in this temple is a Siddha idol.
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Other temples are also worshiped here-
Along with Mansha Devi, there is also a temple of Mata Santoshi, Kali Mata, Lord Shiva, Hanuman, and Navagrahas. Apart from these, there are temples of 25 different gods and goddesses on the premises. They are worshiped regularly. This temple complex is spread over an area of four and a half bighas.
Prayers are written on the walls of the temple
We must have often heard stories that by throwing coins in the lake of a temple, then all the wishes are fulfilled by tying a thread on a tree in a temple. But in Mansha Devi temple it is believed that devotees write their vows on the wall here. According to the belief, by doing this, the mother listens to the wishes of the devotee and fulfills them soon.
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