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Hidimba Temple 2022: know the history and Significance of this temple which relates to Mahabharat's period

My jyotish expert Updated 22 Jul 2022 05:03 PM IST
Hidimba Temple
Hidimba Temple - Photo : Google

The Hidimba Temple of Manali 

This temple related to the Mahabharata period present in Manali is still the main centre of faith of devotees.

The Hidimba Temple, which was built in the 16th century in Manali, is a famous religious place today. Manali is one of the best places to visit and this temple is situated on top of a hill in Manali amidst a beautiful deodar forest. The temple holds great importance for the local people and also for tourists. devotees or all those who visit, often come to this pilgrimage place to seek blessings from Goddess Hidimba. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba who was also the wife of Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers. According to Hindu mythology, Hidimba devoted all her life to meditation in this area after which she attains the form of a goddess. she has been given the position of a goddess by the most powerful goddess Durga.

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The importance of this religious place in Mahabharata is present even today in a very bright way. This temple was built by Raja Bahadur Singh in a distinctive architectural style. The temple complex houses the temple of Ghatotkacha, the son of Bhima and Hidimba and the hero of the Mahabharata war, whose idol is mainly made of wood and is located 70 meters from the Hidimba temple. This ancient temple is situated near the dense deodar forest, which is also a very miraculous place in Manali. The forest around Hidimba Devi temple is dense and the spiritual experience one gets is truly amazing.

Story of Hidimba Devi Temple of Manali

The presiding deity of this temple is also known as Van Devi or Goddess of Nature. Around which long queues of devotees are seen. Devotees from all over the country visit there, for the local people it is also revered as the Kul Devi of that place. Animal sacrifice still takes place as a religious act in the temple. About Hidimba Devi Temple of Manali Devotees believe that the temple stands at the place where Hidimba meditated.
This context of the story connects to the days of Mahabharata. Accordingly, the forest around would have become much denser than it is now and would be the abode of Hidimba, who was born in a rakshasa family. She was married to Bhima, one of the five Pandava brothers. Which is mentioned in the epic. According to the same story, the forest around the temple was besieged by her brother hidimb, who was killed by Bhima in a fierce battle.

When you mention Manali, it cannot be possible if there is no mention of this temple. The best time to visit this temple is September - April but it is open throughout the year. Winters often bring heavy snowfall to Manali, and then the temple creates quite a stunning sight. The aarti here also becomes the centre of a special attraction. Devotees participate in it with reverence and faith and find wonderful bliss.

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