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How to strengthen Mercury( budh garah) with everyday remedies

My Jyotish Expert Updated 12 Sep 2021 07:48 PM IST
Mercury - budh grah
Mercury - budh grah - Photo : Google
It is believed that those whose planet Mercury is in an exalted position are full of confidence. Such people never suffer from diseases related to skin and hair. Apart from this, the planet Mercury is also pleased to remove defects related to speech. In astrology, some very easy and effective remedies have been given to strengthen the planet Mercury.

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Remedies to strengthen the planet Mercury (Jyotish Remedies for Budh Grah)
Feed green fodder to the cow before sunset on Wednesday.
Eat green coloured food on Wednesday.
Donate green bangles, green clothes or green food to girls younger than eight years every Wednesday.
Donate green moong dal, greens, spinach or any green food item to needy people.
Give sour-sweet tablets to your aunt, aunt or younger sister.
Distribute green coloured beverages among the poor.
On Wednesday, sit on a green seat and chant the mantras of the planet Mercury.
Wear green clothes every Wednesday.
On Wednesday, try to feed golgappas to your aunt.
Donate green bangles to married women.
Feed green coloured food to the poor on Wednesday.
Recite Budh Stotra daily. If you are not able to recite every day, then definitely do it on Wednesday.
Wear a green thread in your hand or around your neck.
Eat a green chilli daily while eating food. If you cannot eat chilli, then you can eat its seeds.

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Apart from these remedies, try doing the following too-
Fasting on Wednesdays, while abstaining from the consumption of salt throughout the fast, can miraculously strengthen weak mercury in the horoscopes of both men and women, according to traditional beliefs. If diseases related to skin, speech or hair bother you a lot, then wear green socks or try to wear green clothes only on the lower part of the body.
In order to appease Buddha Graha, do daily pooja or on auspicious days, particularly Vishnu Poojan.This activity will make weak mercury in your horoscope stronger by showing respect to your maternal uncle, serving them, and making them happy.
Never make fun of or belittle somebody who is mentally challenged or mentally weak; instead, make an effort to assist them. If you want to be blessed by the eunuch, never speak evil of them or scold them, as this will diminish your mercury or Buddha.
Wearing emerald or tourmaline gemstones as Mercury cures for lowering malefic effects can only be done under the supervision of a skilled astrologer, otherwise, it may cause a severe nervous disturbance, skin disorders, and other problems to both men and women.
To counteract the negative effects of mercury in the horoscope, recite the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram, Gopal Sahastranama Stotram, and Budha Strotram.
Precautions for Mercury Remedies
These are the most common and time-tested Vedic remedies for mercury that anyone can use. Furthermore, these remedies are spiritual as well as ethical and moral, and they can be practised with little effort. However, the degree of benefit derived from these remedies is dependent on other influencing factors such as the afflicted planet's category, severity, consistency of performance, muhurtha, and faith while doing so.
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