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Jupiter's transit in Capricorn: People of these zodiacs may have to face troubles, know the remedies.

My Jyotish expert Updated 03 Oct 2021 10:05 PM IST
Jupiter Saturn transit
Jupiter Saturn transit - Photo : Google
When we think about our future according to our sun sign, we are more excited to know our future according to our zodiac. We are interested to know that according to our zodiac, which planet will enter which house. Will it will have negative effects or it will be beneficial.

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According to the scriptures, we will know how to face the problems and how to solve them.
Saturn has entered in Capricorn, according to astrology and scriptures, Jupiter has also entered in Capricorn and the planet Jupiter has been given the title of Guru. It has been considered as the god of knowledge. When a zodiac is introduced to Jupiter, he never has to face troubles. There is continuous success, there is happiness, prosperity and no trouble in the family. There is no bitterness between husband and wife and they live a happy life. If Jupiter's grace is low or weak in your zodiac, then you may have to face various kinds of troubles. The relationship between husband and wife starts getting sour and fights start.
The rage increases. To get success, you have to work a lot.

Know which zodiac sign will be affected by the retrograde movement of Buddha!


Movement of Guru

 According to Jyoti and Shastras, it is believed that the planets change in three positions: Vakri, Margi and Atichari.
When the planet is in Vakri, it moves at a sloping speed; if the planet is in a Vakri position, then the grace of the guru decreases. According to your zodiac and scriptures, if the position of Guru is weak in your life, then you will have to face various types of problems, there will be a rift in the family life, there will be confusion between husband and wife. To strengthen the position of Guru in your life, worship Lord Shiva every day, serve elders and take their blessings. According to the scriptures, this planet is the position of Jupiter between the Sun and the Moon. It is considered an auspicious planet.

Know which zodiac signs will be affected

According to Jyoti and Shastras, Jupiter is in Vakri position, so people of Virgo and Capricorn need to pay attention to their health, consume home cooked food, avoid eating outside such that your health will be fine. Take milk along with food. This will increase the energy in the body and people of Taurus and Scorpio zodiac need to pay attention to money. Money related problems may come. There may be a decrease in business. Unnecessary money may be spent on being ill. The family may be troubled by financial constraints.


To get benefits and strengthen the position of Guru, chant the following mantras

 Radha wakes up in the morning, takes bath and wears clean clothes. While worshiping, chant these mantras and the guru will fulfill all your wishes.
Om Guruve Namah.
Brihaspatiye Namah.
Shri Brihaspati Namah.
Om cle brihaspataye namah.
Om gran gran sah guruve namah.
And donate yellow things.

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