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Know, how every aspect of our routine is planet related, these habits can avoid planet defects

My Jyotish Expert Updated 11 Aug 2021 11:11 AM IST
Know, how every aspect of our routine is planet related, these habits can avoid planet defects
Know, how every aspect of our routine is planet related, these habits can avoid planet defects - Photo : Google
Learn how every aspect of our routine is related to planets, by adopting these habits can avoid planetary defects

There was a time when the joint family was in vogue. When there were children's screams in the house, the elderly had a voice of knowledge. Laws relating to some families were also enacted in the joint family. All the members of the house laughed and followed those rules. For example, the rules were such that when someone goes out, they touch the parents' feet. The astrologer was the reason behind this. The sun is strengthened by the step touch of the father and the moon is strengthened by the mother's feet. 

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In times of change, change of times, and changes in the way people live, joint families are rarely seen today. At the same time, our earlier habits also changed, which creates problems for us somewhere. Let us know about certain habits that are likely to deteriorate rather than work, and what are the remedies. 
The condition of the temple at home is considered very important for the happiness and peace of the house. In fact, since the temple is in every house, it is very important that we establish the temple in the right place in the house. According to the experts, the temple should be kept in the east direction, which is suitable for the temple. Nowadays, many houses are kept in the temple kitchen, which many astrologers consider to be wrong. He points out that after staying in the kitchen if we do not take care of the cleanliness of the temple, we insult the planet Jupiter and may fall prey to its fury. Similarly, we have many everyday habits that can lead to the crisis of graho. It is believed that if we leave the jute plate or utensils in place after eating, we may suffer financial losses or losses in business. The earlier habit was good. After eating, everyone would get up with their plates. It is said that by keeping the pot in its place and also keeping it clean at all places, we can avoid the wrath of Saturn and the moon. 
1.Earlier people used to get up before the sun's rays and go to bed after dinner at the right time, but now it is customary to stay up late, it not only affects our health but also does not give us good results from the moon.

2.Acharyas believe that there are many tasks that affect our planets like.

3.When guests come from outside, Rahu does not bear bad fruits by giving him pure water. And Rahu recovers.

4.Keeping the kitchen dirty gives unlucky results by crushing Mars.

5.Getting up in the morning and watering the plants gives strength to Mercury, Venus, and Moon.

6.Those who drag their feet to the ground spoil their Rahu.

7.Throwing clothes around in the bathroom Does not give good results when the moon is crushed by the scattered water.
8.Throwing shoes and slippers from outside is a problem with enemies.

9.When you keep your bed in place, the sheets are kept somewhere, Saturn is crushed and there are obstacles in the work of the real estate.

10.By screaming or shouting, we become partners in the wrath of Saturn.

11.Taking the blessings of the elderly makes the guru auspicious and brings happiness and prosperity to the family.

12.Living in a joint family had countless benefits, now there is a single-family trend. The problem seems to be bigger than before and sometimes the solution is found only through the voice of our elders. Therefore, it is rightly said that it is our habits that give a different look to our lives.  

If you have also kept the fast of Hariyali Teej, then do not make these mistakes even by mistake.

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