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Know if these things are offered to Mahadev, instead of blessing one has to become a victim of anger

My Jyotish Updated 08 Aug 2021 07:51 PM IST
Mahadev blessings
Mahadev blessings - Photo : Google

This year, the Sawan of 2021 has brought a gift for the devotees. According to the experts, this time there is a slight reversal in the date of the beginning of Sawan, in fact, the Pratipada date of the month of Sawan has started from Saturday, but due to Udaya date, the beginning of Sawan is being considered from 25 July 2021. Due to the date of Purnima Pratipada, Sawan started on 24th July in some places and 25th July in some places. Let us tell you that the end of Sawan month will be on Shravani Purnima on 22nd August.

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Sawan and Lord Shiva complement each other. Sawan is considered to be the most beloved month of Lord Shiva. The month of Sawan is considered incomplete without Bholenath. In the month of Sawan, where there is an opportunity to please Bholenath, on the other hand, special care should be taken that even by mistake, no such act should be done which may anger Lord Shiva.

According to Shiv Bhakt and Pandit RK Joshi, while Lord Shiva is easily pleased in Sawan, a small inadvertent mistake of yours can also make Lord Bholenath angry. In such a situation, every Shiva devotee should take care of this.

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According to Purohit Joshi ji, many such things are offered in Shiva Puja which are not offered to any other deity, such as Aak, Bilvapatra, Bhang etc.

Similarly, there are many such things in Shiva Puja which can harm you instead of giving the fruits of your worship.

1. Shankh is prohibited in Shiva worship. It is believed that conch shell is very dear to Lord Vishnu, but Shiva had killed an asura named Shankhachur, hence the shankh is considered taboo in the worship of Lord Shiva.

2. Flowers: Shiva does not like any other red color flower except Kaner and lotus. There is also no practice of offering Ketki and Kevada flowers to Shiva.

3. Kumkum or Roli: According to the scriptures, Kumkum and Roli are not applied to Lord Shiva.

4. Turmeric: Turmeric has also been considered an important place in religious works. But turmeric is not offered in the worship of Shiva. Turmeric is mainly used in cosmetics. According to the scriptures, Shivling is a symbol of masculinity, that is why turmeric is not offered to Mahadev.

5. Coconut water: Lord Shiva should not be anointed with coconut water because coconut is considered to be the form of Lakshmi, so coconut is taken as prasad in all auspicious works. But after being offered to Shiva, coconut water is no longer acceptable.

6. Tulsi Dal: Even Tulsi leaves should not be offered to Lord Shiva. In this context there is the story of Asura Raj Jalandhar whose wife Vrinda had become a Tulsi plant. Lord Shiva had killed Jalandhar, so Vrinda had told not to use Tulsi leaves in the worship of Lord Shiva.

It has become a matter of which things are considered to be prohibited while worshiping Shiva,

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Let us now see what things we must include while worshiping Shiva. Lord Shiva's name is Bholenath i.e. he becomes happy only by the prayer done with reverence and full faith.

According to Pandit Joshi ji, Shiva Abhishek and the things offered on him have different significance in Shiva Puja.

1. Offering water to Shivling while chanting water mantras makes our nature calm and affectionate.

2. Offering saffron on Shivling gives us gentleness.

3. Anointing Mahadev with sugar increases happiness and prosperity. By doing this poverty goes away from the life of man.

4. By applying perfume on Shivling, thoughts become pure and pure. With this, we avoid going on the path of wrong deeds in life.

5. By offering milk to Shiva-Shankar, health is always good and diseases are removed.

6. By offering curd to Mahadev, the nature becomes serious and the problems in life start to go away.

7. Offering ghee on Lord Shankar increases our power.

8. By offering sandalwood to Shiva, our personality becomes attractive. This gives us respect and fame in the society.

9. Offering honey to Bholenath brings sweetness to our speech.

10. It is believed that by offering cannabis (bhang) to the imperishable Shiva, our shortcomings and evils are removed.

By adopting some such measures, you can also please your adorable Shiva in the month of Sawan.

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