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Know what Venus in your palm says about your life

MY JYOTISH EXPERT Updated 17 Jun 2021 01:28 PM IST
Most of the people think about their future and also want to know it. They want to know what is going to happen in their future life. For this, some know from their horoscope and some are known through their hands. Your palm also tells a lot about your future. Each planet has its respective mountains in the palm. The more you are overcome to win this mountain, the more it is considered better than that. Today we will talk about the place under the thumb which is called Mount of Venus. This mount of Venus which tells us about love, happiness and prosperity.

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If the Mount of Venus is raised in the palm of a person, then it is considered very good. Such a person is very kind. They get more success even in less hard work and their life becomes full of happiness and prosperity at a very young age.
 If the Mount of Venus is more protruding in the palm of a person then that person is sensual. Such a person thinks more about physical happiness. Such people make love relationship with more than one other in their life.
If the mount of Venus is suppressed, then that person faces many types of physical troubles in his life. In this way, they have a lot of influence in their life. Due to which they stay away from the comforts of life.
If there are many lines in the mount of Venus, then that person is very weak in mind. Every little thing makes a difference to such a person. The formation of small ridges in the mount of Venus is not considered good.
If a mole is formed in the mount of Venus, then it gives a lot of effect in married life. Such people have a lot of differences with their spouse. But their financial side is very strong. Such people achieve a lot of success in their career.

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Learn ways to correct Venus in the palm-
1. Venus can be corrected by fasting on Ekadashi.
2. Make a habit of getting up early in the morning.
3. Mount Venus can be corrected by worshiping Shiva.
4. Drink water in a glass vessel.
5. Wear a silver ring in the thumb.

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