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Know which sign on the palm makes it difficult to succeed?

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 May 2021 07:56 PM IST
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People say that everything is written about life in advance. The lines on the palm of people's hands are not meaningless, but in those lines, the entire life of that person is hidden. What, why, when, and where. Everything is written in those palm lines. According to palmistry, it is believed that you do all the work according to the lines on the palm. Whether you like it or not, you have to do it because it is written in your fate.

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So, today we will know about some such lines, which you are still unaware of. There are signs on the palm which are of special importance to humans. Nakshatra, fish, trident, and elephant are some of the special signs. It is said that the Jalinuma sign on the palm is not considered auspicious. This sign brings many troubles in a person's life. According to palmistry, if the Jalinuma sign is on the Apollo Mountains, then it becomes difficult to achieve success. If this sign is made on Mount Guru, then this person is very arrogant. He has his separate ego, if the traces of the net on the palm area on the Mount of Sun, then such a person is a lier, and can never be believed. Those who have a sign of a Jalinuma on the mount Venus on their palm can do anything for love. Venus is considered very auspicious for the life of people. But if this sign is made on Mount Shani, then there is a disease in the person's body. There is a lack of happiness in life. If this sign is made on your palm too, then success is very difficult in life.

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