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Natives of this zodiac are In last phase of Shani Sade Sati, will get relief from Suffering

My Jyotish Expert Updated 24 Nov 2021 11:11 AM IST
shani sade sati phase
shani sade sati phase - Photo : my jyotish expert
We are all aware of the stories of Shani Dev's anger and grace. He is called the god of justice who judges the person according to his deeds. In astrology, Shani is said to be the most important planet. Saturn is also said to be the most angry planet. But on the other hand it is also very calm and emotional. The movement of Shani Dev is very slow among all the nine planets. If a person is having good and bad days due to Saturn, then the period of good days is pleasant. But when it comes to bad days, then this painful time also goes on for a long time while walking at a slow pace like the pace of Shani Dev. During this time people have to face a lot of hardships. There is no immediate way to avoid this. Not only humans, but even the biggest gods have become victims of this. No one has escaped the wrath of Shani. Some have got less punishment according to their deeds and some have got more punishment from Shani Dev.

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It takes about two and a half years for Saturn to enter from one zodiac to another. This zodiac change of Saturn is considered very important. If a person is blessed by Shani Dev, then it does not take long for him to become a king from rank. Shani Dev is pleased over someone, that person enjoys various kinds of pleasures in this world and enjoys all the comforts in life. But if Shani has a bad vision on a person, then he keeps on eating stumbling blocks from door to door.
Saturn's wrath is so strong that in whichever zodiac you reside, apart from that zodiac, there is also an effect of Shani's half-century on its front and back. Talking about the phases of Shani's Sade Sati, it is three and the time limit of each phase is about two and a half years. The first phase of Sade Sati is known as Uday. The second phase is called Shikhar and the third phase is called Astha. In these three phases, due to Shani's half-century in the first and second phase, a person has to go through many difficulties. However, in the third stage, the person's suffering gradually subsides and the person moves towards profit. It is said that in his last phase, Shani Dev also gives a chance to man to rectify his mistake.
At present, the first phase of Shani's half-century is going on for the people of Aquarius. The second phase is going on the people of Capricorn and the third phase which is going on the last, Sagittarius. The people of Sagittarius who are running from the third phase will get a chance to rectify their mistake. During this, their sufferings will be resolved now than before. Apart from this, success can also be achieved in the field of work. With the blessings of Shani Dev, there are chances of getting promotion in the job during this period. Whatever are the unfinished works which have been stalled in the past, they will also be completed. The next zodiac change of Saturn will be on 29th April of the year 2022, when it will transit through Capricorn to Aquarius. By changing the movement of Saturn, the people of Sagittarius will get relief from Sade Sati.

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