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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Mars - Rahu conjunction 2022: Know the auspicious developments destined for your zodiac sign

Mars - Rahu conjunction 2022: Know the auspicious developments destined for your zodiac sign

Aishwarya KeshariAishwarya Keshari Updated 01 Jul 2022 03:17 PM IST
MARS - Photo : google
Rahu and Mars' conjunction at this moment may indicate extremely significant developments. The scenario might get critical and difficult if Rahu and Mars are in transit together in Aries. Both planets fall under the group of malefic planets, and astrology says that when they are combined, they signal a decline in favourable outcomes and a rise in unfavourable ones. These two planets will have the impact of producing an explosive situation during the period of this transit. The aggressive heat of Mars is instantly felt by Ahu, who then goes on to produce the desired effects. Due to the increased influence of these two planets on Aries and Libra at this time, yoga will have a greater impact on these two zodiac signs.

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Mars is regarded as a land element. Rahu, on the other hand, represents an unfamiliar place. The person may be taken from their house when these planets align. These two are currently combined to make a total that will last till August 10. difficult relationships, unhappy marriages, unlawful extortion, deceptive advertising, aggressive impulses, and horrific deeds like murders, etc. Mars and Rahu have significant sway. When these two get together, evil yogas will be created that will affect the entire world.

The effects of Rahu Mangal Yoga will be felt throughout the nation and the globe.
Both the horoscope of an individual and the horoscope of nations are impacted by this yoga. Let's investigate what may occur when these two align and how Rahu and Mars might alter a person's life. From July 17 to August 5, both Mars and Rahu will transit in the same constellation, Bharani. From August 1 to 2, both will be visible to the same degree. This period shows signs of change in such a circumstance. These dates are crucial since Rahu and Mars in Aries combined will undoubtedly bring some issues.
This time system may alter for Europe and India, according to Medin Astrology. Rahu's transit and Mars' planetary conjunction might indicate further fuel addition, accelerated fire activity, uprising, explosion, and conflict. Regarding the good features, they may include leadership qualities, bravery, vigour, assertiveness, and immunity. Which will also contribute to this yoga's superior outcomes. This combination will have some shocking outcomes for the nation and the rest of the world. Everyone will be impacted by politics, religion, and nature, and greater extremism will manifest itself as a result.
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