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Know the method & significance of keeping Ganesha idol at home as per Vastu

My Jyotish Expert Updated 15 Sep 2021 12:21 PM IST
flourishing and blissful life by setting the symbol of Lord Ganesha
flourishing and blissful life by setting the symbol of Lord Ganesha - Photo : my jyotish expert

Get a flourishing and blissful life by setting the symbol of Lord Ganesha according to Vastu at home. 

Ganpati Ji, the God of joy, thriving, and great wellbeing, is viewed as one of the most promising of every Indian divinity. Indian custom lays a ton of emphasis on praying Ganpati Ji, particularly before each promising occasion. But many people fail to remember the practice of putting Lord Ganesha's object of worship at home and all the more critically at the ideal spot. The right icon set accurately draws in a plenitude of riches, great wellbeing and eliminates all impediments. 

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If you want to bring Lord Ganesha home, let these Vastu tips for the Ganesha icon situation help you further, you would observe a positive change in lives thusly without a doubt! 

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 Where Should you place an idol of Ganpati Ji At Home Entrance? 

Vastu specialists endorse setting Lord Ganesha's golden calf either in the west, north-east, or north course. Never let the icon point toward the south since it can accomplish more mischief than anything. It ought to never be close to a washroom, or against a divider connected to it. A Drishti Ganpati Ji inverse your primary passage avoids all evil from your home 

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 Find out what are the places where you should not keep Lord Ganesha's Idol

Presently while Lord Ganesha is viewed as propitious you additionally should be extra cautious about where you place it. Certain regions in your home – under a flight of stairs, storerooms, pantry, room, and bathrooms – that should be kept away from. The explanation is straightforward. These regions transmit terrible energy and in this way, it isn't prudent to put icons of divinities here. Vastu specialists believe that these empty regions are foreboding. 

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Find out the Right Idol Of Ganapathi according to Vastu

An idol with Ganesha in a seating position is ideal as indicated by Vastu specialists. This is because it welcomes smoothness, harmony and makes an agreeable air at home. This is likewise alluded to as Lalitasana. On the other hand, you can likewise put a leaning back Ganesha symbol if you want a sumptuous, agreeable, and rich life. Picking the right icon of Lord Ganesha is pretty much as significant as placing it. 

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 Is It Okay To Place More Than One Ganpati Idol At Home? 

Vastu specialists suggest setting only one Ganesha symbol at home. It is accepted that more than one icon discredits the progression of positive energy and overpowers Riddhi Siddhi. In this way, stay away from more than one icon of Lord Ganesha at home. 

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What Position Should Ganpatti Trunk Be At? 

You will discover a lot of icons of Lord Ganesha, each with its arrangement of lavish carvings. While it's not difficult to get snatched up by the quick allure of the symbol you extravagant, Vastu specialists recommend giving extraordinary consideration to the position of the trunk. If the trunk directs to the left of Lord Ganpati it symbolizes represents thriving and satisfaction. It is accepted that when his trunk is towards his right Lord Ganesha will be hard to please.

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What Is The Best Color For Ganpati as Per Vastu? 

A few Vastu specialists suggest setting a white icon of Ganpati correctly. It is said that a white icon welcomes congruity, harmony, and flourishing. You may likewise get back a vermilion symbol of Ganpati assuming you need self-development and achievement. Alternately, you might stick a photograph of equivalent to well. 

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Small details To Look For On An Idol Of Ganpati

You won't ever discover an icon of Lord Ganesha without two things – his vehicle or the mouse and a modak in his grasp. Before purchasing and setting a symbol for your home ensure you pay regard to these subtleties. The mouse represents omnipresence.

Presently you have the right Vastu tips to put a symbol of Lord Ganesha at home. Do follow all the previously mentioned and trust us, your home will be a storage facility of positive energy and thriving in a matter of seconds.


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