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Need life full of happiness, peace and prosperity then try these measures

myjyotish expert Updated 20 Jul 2021 03:30 PM IST
Need life full of happiness, peace and prosperity then try these measures
Need life full of happiness, peace and prosperity then try these measures - Photo : google
  • In today's life, every person wants that happiness and prosperity remain in his life. Apart from this, he wants to get get success in everything. According to astrology, to get success and progress in life, along with hard work, it is very important to have strong Vastu and planetary dasha.
  • If you are not getting success by working hard. If the office environment is also not favorable for you, then for this you can solve your problem with some easy astrology measures. Today we are going to give you very easy and welfare tips for success in job and career.
  • When a person goes for a job or interview, he should use red or yellow color as much as possible or he should keep a red handkerchief in his pocket, this gives him chances of getting success in the job or interview.
  • If you want peace and prosperity life, then start living towards the north direction of your house, north direction is called the door of possibilities, it gives success in business and job.
  • If you are wishing for a prosperous life, then use red and yellow colors more and more in your home and bedroom, this will maintain happiness and prosperity in life.
  • North-east direction in the whole house is considered very auspicious to get a lot of happiness and prosperity, so keep the windows of the north-east direction of the house open so that you can get auspiciousness, and always keep the north-east direction of the house clean. And keep it organized.
  • If you are going somewhere for a job or interview, then go from home to recite Hanuman Chalisa, if you find a cow on the way, then feed it flour and jaggery, it will open the days of your prosperous life, while going for job to the person. Chanting should be done, Padmavati Riddhi Siddhi Mantra must be chanted if you are going somewhere for business or job.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha, offer cloves and betel nuts to him.Whenever you want to go to work, take this clove and betel nut with you.Chant Shri Krishna's Moolmantra 108 times in the morning.
  • To get a happy and prosperous life, the person will have to take care of the cleanliness of his house the most, because cleaning the house will bring happiness, peace and prosperity, the person will have to pay special attention to one thing that is the cleanliness of the house.
  • Never keep the north-east direction in the dark, because of this there is also a rate of loss of money and happiness and peace are also disturbed. The native should remove all the obstacles related to his house so that a happy and prosperous life can start.
  • Ganesh ji is considered to be the solution of all the problems, it is very auspicious to keep the idol of Ganesh ji dancing in the house to remove the obstacle coming in success.To increase intellectual ability and efficiency, always do activities like study, reading, etc. facing east or north.

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