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Nostradamus Predictions 2022: Atomic Bomb-Hurricane Destruction, Nostradamus's scary predictions for the year 2022

My Jyotish expert Updated 28 Nov 2021 11:40 AM IST
Nostradamus Predictions 2022
Nostradamus Predictions 2022 - Photo : Google
The predictions of the French prophet Michael de Nostradamus are proving true year after year. The first edition of this book came in 1555. There are a total of 6338 prophecies in this book of Nostradamus, most of which have proved to be true. For 2021, he had made predictions like epidemics, famine and devastation which can be linked to the corona virus and the devastation caused by it around the world.

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The famous French prophet Nostradamus had made many predictions about the world centuries ago in a book named ‘Les Profetis’. 70 percent of his predictions (Nostradamus Predictions) come true every year. For 2021, he made predictions like epidemics, famine and devastation which can be linked to the corona virus and the devastation caused by it around the world. For the year 2022 also Nostradamus has made some shocking predictions (Nostradamus Predictions for 2022). Let’s know about them.
  • Inflation will be uncontrollable-According to the predictions of Nostradamus, in 2022, inflation will be out of control and the US dollar will depreciate sharply. According to the prediction, in the year 2022, gold, silver and bitcoin will be considered as assets in which people will invest more money.
  • Asteroid will destroy the Earth- In the prediction of 2022, Nostradamus has said that the Earth will be greatly damaged due to the asteroid. A big rock will fall into the sea and due to this there will be fierce waves which will engulf the earth from all sides. Rising sea water can cause heavy damage
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  • Destructive Atomic Bomb Will Detonate- According to the prediction, a destructive nuclear bomb will explode next year and it will cause climate change. Due to the detonation of this atomic bomb, the condition of the earth can also change.
  • There will be darkness in the whole world for three days- According to the prediction of Nostradamus, the year 2022 will bring destruction and peace after that. Before this peace, there will be 72 hours of darkness in the whole world. In the autumn, snow can fall on the mountains. Wars of many countries will end as soon as they start, a natural phenomenon will end it. After three days of darkness, modernity will end from people’s lives.
  • A big storm will come in France- According to the prediction of Nostradamus, a big storm will come in France in the year 2022. Due to this, severe fire, drought and flood situation can be seen in many parts of the world. If the prediction is to be believed then in 2022 there will be worldwide hunger.
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  • Artificial Intelligence's attack on mankind - According to the prediction of Nostradamus, in 2022 the brain of personal computer will be able to control humans. Next year artificial intelligence will be computer with human interface and robots will destroy mankind.
  • Explosion in the Mediterranean Sea - As predicted, a major explosion is expected during the missile test in the Mediterranean Sea, near the island of Menorca.
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