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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   People having birthday on these dates are lucky under the influence of sun

People having birthday on these dates are lucky under the influence of sun

My jyotish expert Updated 24 Sep 2021 03:56 PM IST
People having birthday on these dates are lucky under the influence of sun
People having birthday on these dates are lucky under the influence of sun - Photo : google

Numerology: In astrology, people having this radix have an influential personality. They glow differently. Know how do they differ from other people and what is so special about the people with this radix:

Prediction: There are total nine Radix in numerology. Each of them being ruled by a planet. Behaviour of a person can be known with respect to their radix. Starting with people of Radix 1, which is considered to be related to planet Sun. In terms of Astrology, people with Radix 1 are considered of having very influential personalities.

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They have a pure heart. They are much interested in gaining knowledge of almost everything. They do not cause harm to anyone but can counter attack if someone tries to harm them. They are likely to secure a high rank government job. dignity and self-respect are top among their priorities, they at once leave the place if they are disrespected. They are born leaders, if not then they can easily become a good leader in future. The luck of people with Radix 1 gives them success easily and at much faster pace than any other Radix. They almost excel in every field. Honesty, determination and hardwork are some of their qualities besides being a bit stubborn. They always finish the task they start. They are mostly affluent, ambitious and have a charm in them. They do not fear anything and are full of guts and courage. They take up challenges and give their heart and soul to win it. They are not ambiguous.

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They have a sharp mind and excel at studies, this makes people respect them more. They mostly have a strong financial background so there are very few instances when they face financial problems. They have a lot of friends. They spend a lot of time and money on them and always try to lead the place they live in.

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These people are usually like a coconut with hard shell outside but much softer inside. They may look arrogant and hard from outside but are equally soft-hearted form inside. They are sincere towards their relationships and are patient enough to handle every situation. They are loyal and are passionate lovers so they generally do not face betrayal and lead a happy married life.

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