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Pitra dosh- Know the reason and indication of its occurrence

my jyotish expert Updated 23 Sep 2021 04:44 PM IST
pitra dosh
pitra dosh - Photo : google
Man experiences many ups and downs in his life. But there are some sufferings and deprivations which become impossible to bear. Whatever the astrologers, Vastu Shastri, Tantrik, Mantrik, the efforts are made to eradicate them, their benefit is never received, sometimes some and sometimes completely. One of these remedies is Pitru Shanti.

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Due to which yogas there is Pitra-dosha? If the influence of Rahu is more in the horoscope, then this kind of problem occurs - If Rahu is in the center places or triangles of the horoscope - If Rahu is related to Sun or Moon - If Rahu is related to Saturn or Jupiter - If Rahu be in second or eighth house.

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How to get rid of Pitra Dosh?
- Feed a poor person on the new moon day, definitely feed kheer - Plant a Peepal tree and take care of it - Make donations at the time of eclipse - Recite Shrimad Bhagavad Gita daily in the morning - If the matter is more complicated, recite Shrimad Bhagavad - Get your Try to keep Karma as pure as possible.

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Let us know why, how and when Pitra Dosh occurs.
1) Proper rites of ancestors, no Shradh.
(2) Forgetting or insulting the ancestors.
3) Behavior against religion.
(4) To cut trees, fruits, peepal, vat etc.
(5) To kill, cause or cause to be the cause of his death.
6) Cow slaughter or insult to cow.
(7) Immersion of excreta and urine in a river, well, tadag or holy place.
(8) Forgetting or insulting the deity, deity, etc.
(9) Doing wrong things in a holy place.
10) Having sex on Purnima, Amavasya or holy date.
(11) To have a relationship with a revered woman.
(12) Marrying in the lower caste.
(13) To have relations with foreign women.
(14) Abortion or killing any living being.
(15) Inadequate women of the clan.
(16) There are many reasons for insulting revered persons etc.
Most dangerous: When Pitrudosh is in the first stage. Pitradosh occurs in the first level if the Sun is in any house or house with any of these planets. This is the most dangerous flaw.
Moderate effect: Pitradosh when in second stage. The combination of this Pitra Dosha occurs when the Sun is shadowed by any or all of the above planets, then it is the second level dosha. This Pitra Dosha is not terrible from the first level but it has an intermediate effect.
Mild nature and influence: The third mild level of Pitradosha occurs when the Sun is in the sign of the enemy or in the sign of the negative planets above.

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Loss due to paternal defect-
1) Not having children, having children, then handicapped, retarded or characterless or dying.
(2) There should be no loss in job, business, prosperity.
(3) There should be no unity in the family, there may be unrest.
(4) One or more of the members of the household become unwell, not getting well after getting treatment.
(5) Non-marriage or delay in marriage of the young men and women of the house.
(6) Being deceived by loved ones.
(7) Accidents, their repetition.
(8) Disruption in demanding work.
(9) Phantom-obstruction among family members, etc.
 These easy, cheap and simple remedies will save you from Pitra Dosh, definitely try...
Here are some simple ways to prevent Pitra Dosh.

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