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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vastu Tips: Is it possible to bring wealth and prosperity by merely keeping. Pair of elephants in the bedroom, read to know

Vastu Tips: Is it possible to bring wealth and prosperity by merely keeping. Pair of elephants in the bedroom, read to know

My Jyotish Expert Updated 22 Sep 2021 05:23 PM IST
Vastu Tips- lucky pair of Elephants
Vastu Tips- lucky pair of Elephants - Photo : Google
If you keep an elephant statue in your bedroom, it will work in your favour in terms of your future endeavours. It is believed that keeping an elephant statue in the bedroom will increase the amount of love and respect shared between life partners. Additionally, you can place a picture of Goddess between two elephants, one of which has its trunk lifted, if you wish. This is something that should be done on the vault door if at all possible. It contributes to your financial stability and points you in the direction of fulfilment and prosperity.

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It is also important to remember that the vault must be painted in a cream or off-white colour. Because this colour is considered auspicious for Goddess Laxmi, and as we all know, Laxmi is the supreme Goddess of wealth and abundance, it makes sense that this colour should be used to represent her.

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Thus, the financial situation remains stable as a result of this action. It also brings happiness and good health to you and your loved ones. It also ensures affluence for the recipient.
Besides this, throw the soil under the feet of an elephant in order to avoid financial troubles and losses. Make 6 portions by mixing that soil with ghee and water and put vermilion in them and keep them in a box, hidden in the southwest direction of your room in order to increase your memory.

There is an important and prominent value of elephants in scriptures, especially in Hindu Mythology.

As we know Lord Ganesh had the head of an elephant and human body. Due to this, he is also known for being an elephant-headed God.  The elephant statues or figurines are known for being symbols of power, integrity and prosperity. Elephant figurines when kept facing away from each other, are known to guard the house against evil. Similarly, when those are kept facing each other, it denotes positivity and creates an aura of comfort not only for those who live there but also for those who visit with a good heart. The white elephant’s figurine is considered of most importance. According to a story Lord Buddha’s mother dreamt of a white elephant before giving birth to him. Besides representing power and dignity, they represent royalty and strength due to their imposing presence on the landscape. Incorporating a statue of a mother elephant and her baby elephant into your child's room will assist you in maintaining a positive relationship between parent and child. Furthermore, there are a variety of compelling arguments for keeping an elephant figurine in your home. It will pay off in the form of goodness and prosperity.

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