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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Want to learn life changing lessons from Lord Ganesha's life? Read these extreme life illustrations

Want to learn life changing lessons from Lord Ganesha's life? Read these extreme life illustrations

My Jyotish Expert Updated 17 Sep 2021 12:55 PM IST
Lessons from ganesha's life
Lessons from ganesha's life - Photo : My Jyotish Expert
Goddess Parvati made Lord Ganesha monitor the passageway while she brings down. Ruler Shiva got back simultaneously, however, was not permitted to go into the house. Ganesha lost his head to Shiva’s heavenly anger however didn’t break the trust of his maker and break his obligation. At the point when Parvati learnt of this, she was irritated and chosen to annihilate the world. She was halted by Shiva who understood his error and gave Ganesha another life and the situation with being first among the divine beings.

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 Lesson: There’s no easy route to progress
We all are in such a rush to accomplish achievement that we continue to search for alternate ways. By and large, easy routes lead to frustrations instead of faster achievement. Devotion and earnestness are the venturing stones to corporate achievement.

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Ganesha reviles the moon
One evening, Lord Ganesha went for a ride on his mouse. The little mouse couldn’t bear his weight and stumbled. The moon began snickering at the interesting sight. Ganesha blew up and reviled the moon saying that any individual who takes a gander at the moon the evening of the Ganesh Chaturthi will be dishonestly charged. The moon asked Ganesha to eliminate the revile and Ganesha additionally understood that he had overcompensated yet he was unable to take the revile back.

Lesson: Don’t follow up without much forethought
Continuously think before you respond on the grounds that outrage passes on yet activities remain. So next time you feel the blood surging down your veins a touch quicker, take your enthusiastic temperature and permit yourself to chill off. You will be stunned by the adjustment in your point of view in regards to the circumstance and how to manage it.

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The Story of Vakratunda Matsaryasur
Matsaryasur was a brutal evil presence who revered Lord Shiva and requested him for help from everlasting status. Shiva favoured Matsaryasur and said that he won’t be obliterated by any human, god or evil presence. Incensed with power, the devil began pounding the three universes. Ruler Ganesha changed into Vakratunda and caught Matsaryasur. Notwithstanding, when Matsara asked for pardoning, the Vakratunda set him free and harmony was re-established.

Lesson: Learn to forgive and never look back
Keeping scores, attempting to settle the score and pulling down consistently make you not as much as what you are. Also, the energy you put into holding resentment takes energy from other significant things.

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The tale of Kartikeya and Ganesha

When goddess Parvati had a heavenly natural product needed by both her children Ganesha and Kartikeya. Master Shiva concluded that the person who circles the world multiple times and returns initially would get it as a prize. Kartikeya quickly got on his peacock and set out his journey. Ganesha was very much aware that his huge structure and his vehicle, the mouse, ruined his odds of dominating the race. After a little reasoning, Ganesha began strolling around his folks, Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Lesson: Don’t freeze, make the best of your circumstance
At the point when they asked him for what valid reason he was not revolving around the world, he replied – My reality is at my parent’s feet. He won the natural product as well as procured the deference of different divine beings.

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The Ganesha and Kuber story
Ruler Kubera is the master of riches. He was exceptionally glad for his abundance and peered down on Lord Shiva for living in the mountains like a sage. Once, Kuber welcomed Shiva to his capital however Shiva denied and sent Ganesha all things considered. Ganesha did not just eat all the food that was ready for the gala yet in addition ate everything accessible in Kubera’s city. Kubera felt embarrassed, conceded his error and asked grace for his pride.

Lesson: Be modest
Certainty is quiet and uncertainties are uproarious. Modesty is an extremely charming quality that is turning out to be difficult to come by. Nobody likes individuals who continue to brag with regard to their accomplishments.

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Lord Ganesha and river Kaveri
Once there was a significant dry spell in the Southern districts. Sage Agastya took drops of waterway Ganga from Lord Shiva in his Kamandalu to make a stream in the influenced regions. Coming, he chose to take some rest and kept his kamandalu on the ground. Inquisitive to know what’s in the vessel, Lord Ganesha masked as a crow and sat on it. The kamandalu fell on the ground and stream Kaveri began streaming out of it. The spot from where waterway Kaveri began is known as Talakaveri.

Lesson: It’s nice to be interested!
Individuals who are interested are can see new universes and potential outcomes which are typically not.

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