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Falling of milk is inauspicious, know auspicious and inauspicious things related to milk

my Jyotish Expert Updated 16 Sep 2021 05:31 PM IST
Falling of milk is inauspicious
Falling of milk is inauspicious - Photo : google
According to astrology, milk is ruled by the Moon. The moon is considered a symbol of a person's mind, family relations, stability in money, mother, household, happiness and peace. Therefore, milk is used in every house at the beginning of the day for auspicious work. But many times when the milk falls while boiling, people get worried about the bad omen more than being sad about the milk falling. you probably have heard the older folks saying that falling of milk is unfavorable. If milk falls even unintentionally, considerations come in the brain that nothing awful should happen.Do you know the reason behind this.So let's know about some good and bad omen related to milk.

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If you see a milkman in the early morning or if someone is seen buying or carrying milk, then it is auspicious.

It brings happiness, peace, wealth, honor and prosperity in the house. The spilling of milk is considered a bad omen which is a sign of an accident. It is considered bad omen to spill milk intentionally, which is the reason for discord in the house.

If a person deliberately spills milk or if the glass falls while drinking milk, then it is a very bad sign. This happening indicates an impending accident.

According to Vastu Shastra, if it boils frequently while boiling milk, then the person should understand that the condition of his moon is going to deteriorate. This can disturb you mentally.

Falling of milk during boiling can worsen the condition of both Mars and Moon planets in a person's horoscope. This may increase conflict in the family.

Boiling and falling of milk every day also indicates the scarcity of money. This does not keep money in the house.

If you are going for some work and they fall while boiling milk, then understand that your work may get spoiled. So go by offering something sweet to God.

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