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Perform this Aarti of Vighnaharta for prosperity

My Jyotish Expert Updated 13 Sep 2021 08:02 PM IST
Ganesh Chaturthi 2021
Ganesh Chaturthi 2021 - Photo : Google
Perform Aarti Of Vighnaharta For Happiness And Prosperity
Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the biggest festivals of Hindu which is celebrated with great fervor. It is round the corner so know why and how we should perform the aarti in order to bring good fortune and wealth. As per Hindu practices, Lord Ganesha is worshipped before the beginning of any task or auspicious event. Lord Ganesha is regarded as the God of prosperity, good luck, and knowledge. He removes the obstacles of our life and guides us in the right direction. Ganesha is an important deity of Hinduism, with the head of an elephant and the body of a human. Performing aarti of Ganesha is considered to be very auspicious and it also helps people to get better if suffering from any physical illness. Worshipping Lord Ganesha is possibly the best measure one can take to put an end to all the sufferings. Popularly, He is also known as “Vighnaharta '' as the name suggests the one who can eliminate all the problems of life. Ganesha is filled with virtues and getting his blessings can change a person’s life completely. To bring happiness and prosperity, it’s important that you worship Ganesha with love and devotion and with a pure mind and soul.

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Aarti is performed and sung in order to praise the Lord Ganesha, the one who can remove all the sufferings and obstacles of life. Performing his aarti makes the environment pious and blissful. It brings positivity to us. Before beginning the aarti and chanting the prayers, look upward and blow the shell (Shankh). Begin blowing it at a lower pitch then slowly raise it. Blowing shank is believed to lessen stress and make one feel energetic and healthy, it also brings positive energy. After blowing the shell or the shank, put cotton balls and ghee inside an earthen lamp or Diya and then light it. You can also use camphor balls or Kapur to light the diya. One Diya is lit, then begin performing the aarti of Lord Ganesha ( showing him Diya in circles) while singing and clapping your hands and ringing the handbell, its sound is supposed to please God. Below is given the full aarti of Lord Ganesha :

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Ganesha Aarti
Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha,
Jai Ganesha Deva.
Mata Jaaki Parvati,
Pita Mahadeva.
Ek Dant Dayavant,
Chaar Bhuja Dhari.
Maathe Sindoor Sohe,
Moose ki Sawari.
Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha,
Jai Ganesha Deva.
Mata Jaki Parvarti
Pita Mahadeva.
Paan Chadhe, Phool Chadhe.
Aur Chadhe Mewa.
Laduwan Ka Bhog Lage,
Sant Kare Sewa.
Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha,
Jai Gnaesha Deva.
Mata Jaki Parvati,
Pita Mahadeva.
Andhan Ko Aankh Deta,
Kondhin Ko Kaya
Banjhan Ko Putra Deta,
Nirdhan Ko Maya.
Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha
Jai Ganesha Deva,
Mata Jaki Parvati
Pita Mahadeva.
Sur Shayam Sharan Aaye
Safal Keeje Seva,
Bhakatjan Tore Sharan
Kripa Rakho Deva.
Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha
Jai Ganesha Deva
Mata Jaaki Parvati
Pita Mahadeva.
Dinan Ki Laaj Rakho
Shambhu Sutkaari,
Kamana Ko Purana Karo
Jaau Balihari.
Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha
Jai Ganesha Deva,
Mata Jaaki Parvati
Pita Mahadeva.

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