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Pitru paksha: Details of Shradh with ancestor

my Jyotish Expert Updated 25 Sep 2021 09:41 AM IST
Details of Shradh
Details of Shradh - Photo : google
Pitra Paksha' is a sort of aggregate reasonable of progenitors. In this Paksha, every one of the progenitors of their family members living in the earth reach here even without being called and being happy with the prasad given by their family members, they offer them with numerous favors, because of which the admirers get numerous joys. 

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In this manner, each individual should perform Shradh for his progenitors for the fulfillment of his precursors and to get timeless and boundless satisfaction and their endowments during Shradh Paksha. The people who burn-through the property of their progenitors for example precursors, yet don't play out their Shradh, such individuals become eaten up by their own progenitors and become the object of different sorts of agonies. 

In the event that the perished father has more than one child and the dad's abundance isn't split between them and every one of them mutually live in one spot, then, at that point, hands down the oldest child ought to play out the dad's Shradh and so forth All siblings ought not be isolated. 

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In the event that the property of the expired dad has been partitioned and every one of the children live independently, then, at that point, every one of the children ought to perform Shradh independently. Each Sanatan dharma should perform Shradh for his maternal granddad and grandma alongside his three past ages – father, granddad and father. 

Aside from these, Upadhyay, Guru, Father-in-law, Tau, Uncle, Uncle, Brother, Brother-in-law, Nephew, Disciple, Jamata, Nephew, Fufa, Mausa, Son, Friend, Mother's dad and their spouses are likewise educated in the sacred texts to perform Shradh. Has gone. 

Shradh ought to be performed on the passing commemoration of this load of perished people. The date of death implies the date existing at the hour of exhalation. On a similar date, Shradh ought to be performed during Shradh Paksha in the early evening (from 12.30 to 1 PM). In the event that the date isn't known, perform Shradh on all Pitru Amavasya. 

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Other data identified with Shradh – 

1.    Persons who have passed on an ordinary and regular demise on Chaturdashi, ought to never perform Shradh on Chaturdashi Tithi, however ought to perform Shradh on Trayodashi or Amavasya of Pitru Paksha. 
2.    Persons who have passed on of apamruti, for example mishap, snakebite, poison, weapon assault, murder, self destruction or some other unnatural passing, then, at that point, their Shradh ought to never be performed upon the arrival of death. People with Apamrutyu ought to perform Shradh just on Chaturdashi Tithi, regardless of the date on which they kicked the bucket. 
3.    Shradh of lucky ladies, that is, wedded ladies who pass on while their significant other is alive, ought to likewise be performed distinctly on the 10th date of Pitru Paksha, independent of the date on which they kicked the bucket. 
4.    Shradh of religious zealots is performed uniquely on the Dwadashi of Pitru Paksha, independent of the date on which they kicked the bucket. 

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Shradh of maternal granddad and grandma ought to likewise be performed uniquely on Ashwin Shukla Pratipada, regardless of the date on which they passed on. 

Pratipadandividuals who pass on normally ought to be done on Bhadrapada Shukla Purnima or Ashwin Krishna Amavasya.
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