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Solar Eclipse on Shani Amavasya

My Jyotish Expert Updated 03 Dec 2021 11:20 AM IST
Solar Eclipse on Shani Amavasya
Solar Eclipse on Shani Amavasya - Photo : Google
This year’ last Solar eclipse is happening on 04-12-21 and it is coinciding with Shani Amavasya. The Amavasya that falls on a Saturday is known as Shani/Shaneshchar Amavasya. Saturn is currently placed in Capricorn that happens to be its own sign and it is maintaining a forward movement right now. Such a congregation of events is leading to varied influences on human life. This eclipse would not be visible in India but its influence should be expected in varying degrees across the globe. It would be fully visible only in Antarctica.

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The upcoming total solar eclipse will last for four hours and eight minutes, starting at 12:30 PM and reaching its peak at 1:03 PM. The total solar eclipse will be sandwiched between two partial solar eclipses, the first of which will begin at 10:59 AM and will last till 12:30 PM (IST), and the following one will begin at 01:33 PM (IST) and end at 03:07 PM (IST).

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We all know that Saturn and Sun do not go along well with each other and this eclipse being under the repulsion of Saturn can cause some awkward events. Also, it needs to be recalled that the time period of fifteen days prior to and after the eclipse is troublesome.
One can expect harshness from the authority and some degree of lack of support. At home front one can expect coercion from parents especially your Father so practise caution avoid all sorts of heated arguments and debates. There can also be episodes of unwanted introspection and retrospection that can create mental instability.

Eclipse has also been understood to be a rewarding time for worship purposes. Renunciation, mantra jaap, sidhi etc are best accomplished during the time of eclipse.It is advisable for all to concentrate their mental faculties upon the Supreme being and seek his blessings.

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The do’s and don’t’s of eclipse wont be applicable as this eclipse is not visible in India.

One should try to do the following things to gain benefit during this time.
  • Reciting Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam is a blessing
  • Reciting Shri Hari Stotra and Vishnu Stotra is also very rewarding
  • Reciting Shri Kanak Dhara Stotra is also very rewarding
  • Chanting Navgreh Stotra and beej mantra of all planets especially Rahu-Ketu is also very rewarding in nature.
  • Those under debts should recite Shri Rina Mochak Mangal Stotra.
  • Accepting renunciation/deeksha from your Spiritual Perceptor is a complete blessing in itself.
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