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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Kalava or Sacred thread in hand should be changed only on special days, know about the days

Kalava or Sacred thread in hand should be changed only on special days, know about the days

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 Nov 2021 10:50 AM IST
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The art of the hand should be changed only in these days! If you also tie, then don’t make this mistake even by forgetting

In Hinduism, tying Kalava in hand is considered very auspicious and necessary. But few people know some facts related to it. Let us know some special things related to Kalawa.
  •  Know this important thing before tying Kalava in hand.
  • It is considered auspicious to tie Kalava only for two days.
  • , Kalava is tied in separate hands of men and women.
 In Hinduism, tying Kalava in the hand is considered very auspicious and necessary. In every small or big worship or before doing any auspicious work, Mauli is tied in the hand, Kalava is also called Raksha Sutra in many places. It is believed that tying it on the wrist protects one from the dangers of life. According to the scriptures, by tying Mauli in the hand, one gets the blessings of the Tridevs and all the three Mahadevis. By the grace of Mahalakshmi one gets wealth, by the grace of Mahasaraswati one gets knowledge and intelligence and by the grace of Mahakali one gets power.

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Know this important thing before tying Kalawa

Very few people know this, but there are some special rules before tying or changing Kalava in hand. Keeping these rules in mind, Kalawa should be tied and changed. Let us tell you that Kalawa should not be seen the day before changing. Some people change Kalava because the Kalawa tied on the hand has become very old, then they change it and tie a new one. It is considered inauspicious to do so. It is believed in the scriptures that before starting any religious ritual, Kalawa is tied in the hand. Tying Kalawa in Manglik programs is considered auspicious. It is believed that tying Kalava in hand protects from troubles.

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It is considered auspicious to tie Kalava on this day.

According to the scriptures, only Tuesday and Saturday are considered auspicious days to change Kalava. By tying it, positive energy is found in life. Kalawa is tied in separate hands to both men and women. Men and unmarried girls should tie Kalava on the right hand and on the left hand of a married woman.

Keep these things in mind while getting tied

It has been told in the scriptures that the hand in which the Kalava is being tied should have a fist and the other hand should be on the head and the Kalava should be wrapped only three times. Also, let us tell you that the old molly should never be thrown, rather it should be put under a peepal tree.
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Scientific importance of tying Kalava

If we look at the benefits of molly from a scientific point of view, then it is also very beneficial for health. Where to tie Mouli, bestows good health to the people. On the other hand, by tying Kalava, the harmony of the tridoshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha remains in the body. The major control of body composition is in the wrist. This means that by tying Mouli in the wrist, the person remains healthy. Also, if there is any disease, it also does not grow.

In the olden times, it has been seen among the family members that they used to use Kalawa or Mauli in their hands, waist, neck and toe. Which was very beneficial for health. By the way, let us tell you that to prevent diseases like blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes and paralysis, tying Kalava or Molly is also said to be beneficial.

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