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Vastu defects cause obstruction in marriage, read on to know the reasons

My Jyotish Expert Updated 09 Sep 2021 10:21 AM IST
Vastu defects : Obstruction in marriage
Vastu defects : Obstruction in marriage - Photo : google

The biggest concern of parents is to get their sons and daughters married on time. Many young men and ladies pass their age but the are unable to find a suitable life partner or rather, there is some kind of obstruction in their marriage. Especially thanks to the delay within the marriage of girls, the whole family comes under stress. Many reasons and their solutions have been given in astrology for non-marriage or obstruction in marriage. Marriage is also delayed due to Vastu defects in the room where the marriageable young man or girl sleeps in the house to other places of the house.

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In today's era, parents are very worried about the marriage of single young men and women. Despite being mostly well educated, beautiful smart, working in high positions or successful businessmen, marriages of young boys and girls of many families keep getting delayed due to obstacles.

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Parents are very worried and worried about the marriage of their children and regarding this concern they go to the pundits or astrologers and take advice, consultation. But what is the reason behind this, hardly we would have thought about it, due to which the marriage is getting delayed. One of the main reasons for this can also be a Vastu defect. So if you are also worried about the obstacles or delays coming in the marriage of your children, then consider to remove these Vastu defects.You might not know that irregularly shaped houses have some such Vastu defects that create obstacles in marriage along with luck. So let us tell you what types of defects come from the obstacles in the marriage of children. To ensure that children get married on time, follow the principles of Vastu Shastra.

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Let us know which are those Vastu defects which become the biggest obstacle in marriage.

Don't forget to do this

Firstly, the South-West (Southern) corner of the house becomes the biggest cause of obstruction in marriage. The bedrooms of young men and women should not be made in this corner. Some Vastu Shastra are of the opinion that even those girls whose periods have started should not sleep in the bedroom made in the north-east direction.

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Water flow direction

Do not keep the direction of flow of water or the slope of the house towards the South-West direction at all. If a young man and a lady are living in such a house, then there is definitely a delay in their marriage. The door of the women bedroom shouldn't open within the south-west direction.

Stairs within the center of the house

Stairs or any heavy items should not be kept in the central part of the house, it hinders the marriage. There should not be any thorny plant, tree, etc. at least 10 feet away on either side of the main door of the house.

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These measures can be taken

For early marriage, it's necessary that the space of young men and women, especially girls, should be directly in the western direction. This does not hinder the marriage functions.If there are unmarried young men and women in the family, then light pleasant colors should be done in the walls of the house, even in the ceiling, soothing colors should be used. If the young man is unable to get married, there is a problem, then he should sleep in the south-east direction. For early marriage, a picture of Shri Krishna or a flute must be installed in the rooms of young men and women.

The color of bedsheets of unmarried girls should be light like pink, baby pink, violet.

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