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According to Vastu, put curtains of this color in these directions

My jyotish expert Updated 01 Oct 2021 11:15 AM IST
Vastu Tips for Curtains
Vastu Tips for Curtains - Photo : Google
According to Vastu, put curtains of this color in these directions. 

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Vastu has as much importance in our life as the breath to live. Today every little thing in our life is affected according to Vastu. Special care is taken of Vastu in all the places like home, office, factory etc. so that any kind of problem does not come later.Before building a house, many people take full care of Vastu and work according to the right directions. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, tank. In which direction the worship house etc. will be, it is also kept in mind according to Vastu. Not only this, which color is auspicious according to Vastu in the house and which inauspicious is also taken care of.
There was a time when people did not use curtains in homes, but with the passage of time the traditions also changed and in today's time, curtains are used in almost every house. To make the rooms look beautiful and grand, people use the best curtains in their homes. People now like to buy curtains according to the color of the room.
Nowadays people have become so conscious about Vastu that now even the curtains of the room are being bought according to Vastu. Earlier, one curtain used to work in the house, but now different types of designing curtains are being bought to give a new look to the house and rooms.If you are also thinking of buying new curtains, then buy after taking care of Vastu, it will make you happy. Let us know which color curtains are considered auspicious according to Vastu.

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Which color curtains should be placed in which direction according to Vastu?
If you are trying for a job, but even after a thousand attempts, you are not getting a good job and you are not getting profit in business, then put green curtains in the east direction in the house. Keep one thing in mind, the curtains should always be of two layers. If there are fights and quarrels going on in the family and due to some reason there is tension and estrangement, then it is considered auspicious to put red curtains in the south direction of the house. Red color is considered a symbol of love, so by applying curtains of this color, love increases and there is peace in the house.

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If success is not being achieved even after repeated efforts and hard work, then it is considered better to put white curtains in the west direction of the house.
If the debt is increasing continuously on you, then you should put white curtains in the north direction of the house. You will start benefiting from this in a few days.

What is the importance of which color curtain according to Vastu?

green colour
Green color symbolizes positive energy and growth. This color strengthens the nervous system of the body and calms the mind. Therefore green is also considered a symbol of good health. That's why green curtains are used in all hospitals, because this color gives strength to the sick person to get well soon. If you use curtains of this color in the study room, then your concentration increases.

purple colour
This color symbolizes trust and loyalty. If you want to make the atmosphere of the house calm and pleasant, then put purple curtains in the house. This color also tries to connect the person with spirituality.

Red color
Red color symbolizes bravery, strength and love. This color should never be used in the bedroom as this color gets on the mind very fast. This color can be harmful for those who get nervous in small things. But it is also a symbol of love, so red curtains can be used in the south direction.

yellow color
Yellow color symbolizes wisdom, penance, patience and spirituality. It is considered auspicious to use this color in the house of worship. You can put yellow curtains in the house of worship.

Orange color
This color brings seriousness to your thinking. If there is any problem in the relationship, then you can put orange curtains in your bedroom.

White color
White is the color that gives peace. This color is the color of all virtues. If your bedroom is in the North-West or only in the West direction, then you can put white curtains in it. This color gives peace to the mind.

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