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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vastu Shastra : Rules to remember before building your ambience for happiness and prosperity

Vastu Shastra : Rules to remember before building your ambience for happiness and prosperity

My Jyotish Expert Updated 04 Dec 2021 08:42 AM IST
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Vastu Shastra Tips: Remember these golden tips while building a house

Vastu plays an integral part in our life. It has a big role to play in any building, from selecting its land to decorating it. Read this article to know about the golden rules and tips of Vastu that are important to consider while building a house.

The promising time to make a dream home does not come every day. It takes a lot of labor and luck, to build a dream house. One must be patient and have full knowledge about every aspect while building a house, any hurry or negligence only leads to damages in such a situation. Vastu rules must be followed carefully, one must not commit any mistake or omission at all regarding these rules, because your and your family’s happiness and good fortune are associated with these rules. The direction of your building, the right plot, and whether it is being built at the right angle are the main aspects of these rules. then surely your building will prove to increase your happiness. Try to consider these golden rules of Vastu, while building your office, apartment, etc. It will surely result in the betterment of your happiness, success, and good fortune-

1. Always consider a four-sided open area for the construction of a building.  

2. Rectangular and square lands are considered best and auspicious.

3. A small or narrow piece of land between two vast tracts of land is always considered inauspicious.

4. The area of worship should always be built in the northeast of the house. 

5. The kitchen should always be constructed from an igneous angle. The stove should always be kept at an igneous angle in the kitchen.

6. Usage of the same or different kinds of wood, do not lead to Vastu defect.

7. Always try to build only one main entrance of the building, as far as it is possible. Also, it is auspicious to have it with auspicious signs.

8. All the holy ceremonies associated with Vastu must be performed while entering the house.

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