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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vastu Tips 2022- Know which vastu colours are important for home and will bring happiness for you

Vastu Tips 2022- Know which vastu colours are important for home and will bring happiness for you

My Jyotish Expert Updated 03 Jan 2022 10:10 AM IST
vastu tips
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Vastu Tips 2022- Know which vastu colours are important for home and will bring happiness for you

Have you ever experienced a burst of happiness every time you step into a colorful place? While some colors give off positive vibes, some tend to evoke negative feelings. That is why you should first learn about Vastu paint colors for the house and only then paint the house in accordance with these colors. Different colors have a profound impact on a person's psyche and our home is where we spend most of our time. By choosing the right color, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are leading a peaceful and healthy life.

Why are vastu colors so important to the house?

 Color affects a person's emotions and thinking processes, and has a lasting effect on physical and mental health. For example, putting a person suffering from depression in a dark room exacerbates depression. However, allowing this person to sit in a bright, brightly colored room reduces depression and allows him to get out of depression and enjoy her life. This color aggressiveness helps to cope with the stressful situations of our daily lives and enhance our well-being. Therefore, the importance of color should never be devalued.

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What are the different Vastu colors in the house?

Different colors represent different emotions and affect different aspects of life. Let's discuss what the colors of Vastu in the house can do for the well-being of our family:

 blue-blue colors represent water and sky. The colors are soothing, soothing and satisfying, so they are perfect for painting the master bedroom of a house. The healing properties of light blue shades can have a lasting impact on your health. It is recommended to paint a large area with this paint rather than a small room. Do not overuse this paint as it can cause coughing, colds and sinus problems.

White- White color represents tranquility, purity, and innocence. If you paint the room with this color, it will give you a sense of luxury. It creates an intimate relationship with the inhabitants of the house and promotes privacy. All ceilings should be painted with this paint, but it will be very selfish and should not be overused.

Red- Red is a very powerful and bold color that represents passion, courage and warmth. Often used to paint and energize the living room. However, people suffering from depression and memory weakness should avoid this color as it can cause stress.

Green- Green represents growth, childbirth, prosperity and positivity. It is said to be a color that calms the individual's senses and relieves stress and anxiety. It works best for people with a quick temper, as it calms them down.

 Yellow- Yellow means luck, optimism, intelligence and stability. Due to its expansive nature, it looks spacious and is suitable for use in small rooms. This color adds a positive atmosphere to the room and helps improve behavior.

Violet- Violet represents satisfaction, spirituality and calmness. This color helps you make better life choices and connect with God's consciousness. It is best to paint the Pooja room, children's room and study in this color.

 Orange- Orange represents health, comfort and endurance. This color helps to deal with difficult situations when faced with life's challenges. It also motivates you to use all your efforts to reach your goals.

There are many other colors that can have different effects on an individual's psyche. Also, different sections of the house must be different colors, as indicated in those sections. You can talk to a Vastu expert to discuss these things and get a detailed analysis of Vastu's colors that add positiveness to your home.
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