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Vastu Tips 2022- Know how to increase positive energy at home with the help of Vastu

My Jyotish Updated 24 Feb 2022 03:49 PM IST
Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips - Photo : Google
Vastu Tips 2022- Know how to increase positive energy at home with the help of Vastu

 Vastu Tips – We all hope that there is always happiness, peace and prosperity in our homes. It is one thing to stay positive and pray, but have you ever wondered what more can be done to achieve all your life-goals and attract peace, positivity? So the answer is 'Vastu'. It is an ancient and traditional form of Indian architecture. Vastu circles surrounding various sources of energy, solar and celestial circles are included. Balancing these energies is the key to bringing success and peace to you and your loved ones.

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Vastu takes maps, textures, measurements and spatial geometric coordinates to create an aura of harmony and peace in your home. It's one of those things that really makes your "home" your "home." While constructing a house, if one ensures that the construction is done according to the priorities of Vastu, then negative energies will never be able to set foot in such houses.

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Vastu tips to maintain positive energy in the house, which are as follows –
Meeting place
This is the place in the house where your guests, relatives, and your friends come and sit, this part is mostly open from all directions. When your guest or someone comes from outside, they bring many kinds of energy, some positive and some negative. , Therefore it is always necessary to keep in mind that positive energy remains inside the house. Guests should always be seated in front of the host. Also, all electronic items kept at that place should be kept in the south direction. This will keep positive energy in your home.
Sleeping place
This is the room in the house where you come and rest and according to the object, this room should be filled with positive energy for 24 hours. According to the Vashu Kshetra, your head should be towards the South while sleeping as it is the most comfortable and calming direction.
Cooking area
The best Vastu-friendly corner to place any kitchen should be the "South-West" corner. Alternatively, you can take the "North-West" corner to set up the kitchen. The kitchen should be placed as far away from the sleeping room as possible.
Place of worship
Puja room is one of the most important and auspicious places in any home. It is necessary that special precautions should be taken before constructing the place of worship. As per Vastu, the most auspicious direction and place for the Pooja room is the North-East corner of your house. If North-East placement is not possible, then it can be installed on the East or West side of the house. According to Vastu, positive energy increases with the establishment of a worship room.
Money/jewellery storage
Money or jewelery should always be kept in a room near the south-west of the southern wall. It is important to ensure that the lockers are opened only in the north direction. This is because Lord Kubera is believed to reside in the northern direction. And it is also believed that when we repeatedly open the locker in the direction of God, the merciful God refills it every time.
Location is of utmost importance in Vastu Shastra. For positive energy, each room should be located according to Vastu. For example, the main entrance of the house should face the east, the direction in which the sun rises. It allows positive light to enter and grace your home. It is ideal to cook food facing east in a kitchen located in the south-east. While the sleeping place should be on the south-west corners, the bathroom must necessarily be made in the north-west corners.

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