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Vastu Tips: Know all about right places and Areas to build a Temple in your home Updated 19 Jul 2021 10:30 AM IST
Vaast Shastra for Temple in home
Vaast Shastra for Temple in home - Photo : Google
 Pooja room isn't just a sacrosanct spot however ought to likewise overflow a positive quality with the goal that you can get into a thoughtful state. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, the pooja room assumes a significant part in outfitting and spreading energy all through your home. Nonetheless, very few individuals are knowledgeable in Vastu rules. In this way, to make it simpler for you, we have grouped the absolute most significant pooja room Vastu tips for your home:  

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  • Area - The area of your pooja room is essential in characterizing its promising atmosphere. North-east is an optimal course followed by east and north. In case you're planning another home and can handle where your pooja room goes, then, at that point, we unequivocally recommend staying away from the storm cellar or higher floors of the house.
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Rationale: Vastu Shastra engenders the northeast course to tackle the most extreme energy from the sun.
  • Plan pooja room ought to have a low roof. A pyramid-molded or gopura-like top will help in making positive air. An edge and two-entryway section ought to likewise be thought of if space permits it.
Rationale: As the pooja room is little, the lower roof combined with the gopura-like shape adds balance and would help you in slipping into a thoughtful state without any problem. An edge is to keep insects and creepy crawlies out of the hallowed space.
  • Symbol Placement Once the format and construction of your pooja room are prepared, it's an optimal chance to put your exceptional arrangements. The optimal arrangement would be a couple of inches away from the divider with no less than six creeps starting from the earliest stage. Representations of the dead and canvases portraying brutality don't have a place in your pooja room.
Rationale: The symbol ought to be away from the divider to guarantee a constant wind stream around the icon. Furthermore, this guides in encompassing the symbol with the aroma of the incense sticks.
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  • Sacrosanct Storage Confused where to store all your strict books, lights, and pooja-related things? Capacity ought to consistently point towards the southeast with no capacity over the icon.
Rationale: Storage should confront the southeast to guarantee there's nothing deterring daylight.
  • Relieving Pallete One of the most significant pooja room Vastu tips is the shade of the room. Make a reflective air utilizing light tones like white, light blue, or light yellow. Assuming you settle on marble, white or light yellow or ochre would function admirably.
Rationale: Light shadings assist with keeping the space splendid, while dull, boisterous shades can be diverting when you supplicate.
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  • Give the light access What's not to cherish about a brilliant room? Furthermore, particularly a splendid pooja room? Since it would be the littlest room of your home, you will require splendid lights to enlighten it. Help your Diya’s with a window the upper east way. On the off chance that that is unrealistic, utilize abundant fake lights as a replacement.
Rationale: Not just will your pooja be brilliant yet this would guarantee that you'll appreciate heaps of ventilation and can sit serenely when you petition God for extensive stretches.


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