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Worship Lord Shiva this way, get gifts of Happiness and Prosperity

My jyotish expert Updated 14 Nov 2021 06:49 PM IST
Lord Shiva in  dreams
Lord Shiva in dreams - Photo : google
The worship of Lord Shiva is going to remove all kinds of fear, disease and mourning etc. To get the boon desired by Mahadeva, who is happy with the mere water and leaf offering, read these articles to know what measures should be taken related to his worship.The worship of Lord Shiva has been considered very simple in the Sanatan tradition. The ladyfinger Lord Shiva is a deity who is pleased with only a lota water or the leaves. To celebrate Mahadeva you can worship him on any day, but for his sadhana worship, Shravan Maas and Pradosh date and Monday day have been considered extremely auspicious. It is recognized that these days Shiva receives his special grace on meditation. Let us know the simple and effective measures associated with the worship of Lord Shiva, considered the God of Kalyan, which as soon as the greatest suffering associated with life is overcome.

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All the grief will be away from the milking of the cow
The milking of a cow is very important in the worship of Shiva. It is recognized that if you are suffering from a disease, then you must offer raw milk of cow to Lord Shiva to get rid of it, but do not use copper lot to provide Ganges water. This measure of worship of Lord Shiva receives a boon of good health. Manganga will be fulfilled by water
Lord Shiva, the Mokshadayini Ganga has been sheltered in his jata, has great importance in Shiva Pujan. It is recognized that on Monday, only by offering Gangesal to Lord Shiva, all the faults related to life are removed and happiness is attained.
Shiva will be away from worship, the sensation of Saturn-
If you are suffering from Saturn's fault and your Saturn's dhyya or half-and-a-half or Kalsarp Yoga is going on in the horoscope, then you should especially practice Lord Shiva to get rid of all these. It is recognized that Shani is freed from blame soon after doing Shiva sage with law.
Do these measures to overcome enemies-
If you are always threatened by known or unknown enemies, then you should do Shiva's practice specifically to overcome such crisis or fear. In order to overcome the enemies and the fear associated with them, the mantra of Mahamanjaya in the worship of Shiva should be chanted with the garland of Rudraksha.

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