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Yogini Ekadashi fast 2022| know the significance of Yogini Ekadashi fast

Prerna PrernaPrerna Prerna Updated 11 Feb 2022 07:37 PM IST
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Parivartini Ekadashi 2021: Know the exact date of Parivartini Ekadashi - Photo : Google
When is Yogini Ekadashi fast 2022, method, fast story
Friends, you know that Yogini Ekadashi fast is very important in Hinduism. In the year 2022, Yogini Ekadashi will be celebrated on 24th June, Friday 2022. According to the Hindu calendar, Ekadashi falls in every month and the Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashadha month is called Yogini Ekadashi. It is prevalent in Hindu beliefs that Ekadashi fast destroys all sins. That's why friends must be curious in your mind that when and how this fast is kept. Let us know in this article when Yogini Ekadashi fasting results. And what is the method of keeping it. You are going to read the complete details in this article, so all the readers are requested to read the given information thoroughly.

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Yogini Ekadashi
Friday, June 24, 2022
Ekadashi date and time starts
June 23, 2022
09:41 pm
Ekadashi date and time ends
June 24, 2022
11:12 pm
When Will Yogini Ekadashi Fast Be Observed In 2022?
All the people observing Ekadashi fast get a lot of benefit from this. Mainly the people observing this fast do not bear the burden of their sinful deeds and are free from all sinful deeds. Such is the belief in Hindu practice. This Ekadashi fast comes in the Krishna Paksha of every Ashadha month. This year it will be celebrated on Friday, June 24, 2022. On this date, the people who observe Ekadashi fasting methodically, they are sure to get the best results.
Yogini Ekadashi Complete Fasting Story
Lord Shri Krishna narrated the story of Yogini Ekadashi fast at the behest of Dharmaraja Yudhishthira. Lord Shri Krishna says that by observing this Yogini Ekadashi fast, all the sins of the person are destroyed. God says that a king named Kuber lived in the city of Alkapuri of Swarg Dham. That king was a Shiva devotee and he used to worship Lord Shiva every day. In Shiva worship, a gardener named Hem used to bring that flower every day. One day the gardener did not reach for a long time with flowers. So the king sent servants to find out the reason for not coming. The servants told the king that Hem is busy with his wife in humour, humour, and pleasure. Hearing this, King Kubera became very angry and ordered to be present immediately.
Hem immediately appeared after hearing the king's order and the king got angry and said that evil you have delayed my worship so much that you have disrespected my beloved Lord Shiva. I curse you that in the separation of your wife, you will go to the world of death and have leprosy. Hearing the curse, Hem Mali fell from heaven and immediately fell on earth. Meanwhile, the owner's wife also lost consciousness and, while falling on the earth, was afflicted with white leprosy. Hem wandered the jungle and started living hungry and thirsty.
Hem Mali used to bring flowers to the worship of Lord Shiva. So his conscience took him to the hermitage of Rishi Markandeya. Markandeya Rishi was very old at that time. He said, what was the sin you had committed that made you in such a situation. Then Hem Mali narrated the whole story. Sage Markandeya, after hearing the gardener's agony, said that you have definitely spoken the truth. Let me tell you a vow to be free from this curse. If you observe a fast on Ekadashi called Yogini of Krishna Paksha of Ashadha month, then all your sins will be destroyed.
Knowing how to get rid of his curse, the gardener was very pleased and offered Ashtanga obeisances to the sage. The sage duly told the method of worship, after that Hem Mali was freed from his curse.
Visit Yogini Ekadashi Fast And Complete Worship Method
On the day of Yogini Ekadashi, after retiring from bath in the morning, wear yellow clothes and take clean water in hand and meditate on Yogini Ekadashi and Lord Vishnu's resolution. After this, by laying a yellow cloth on a seat, establish the idol of Lord Vishnu. And anoint with clean water. Also offer flowers, fruits, sandalwood, Tulsi Dal, Akshat, yellow clothes, incense, lamp, Panchamrit etc. After this, chant Vishnu Chalisa, Vishnu Sahasranama and listen to Yogini Ekadashi fasting story.
Why Yogini Ekadashi Fast Is Observed And Its Importance-
When Lord Vishnu narrated the story of Yogini Ekadashi fast at the behest of Dharmaraja Yudhishthira. According to that story, a gardener named Hem was suffering the fruits of his evil deeds with great difficulty. But in some of his auspicious deeds, giving flowers to King Kubera in Shiva worship was a virtuous act. Due to the glory of this virtue, Hem Mali had a vision of Sage Markandeya and Markandeya Rishi had suggested him a way to get rid of this curse. Then Hem Mali was freed from his curse and returned to life with his wife again. Those who keep this fast after listening to this story, they get the desired results as well as get rid of the sorrows caused in the previous life and some bad deeds done in this birth. For this reason, it is best for people suffering from diseases and suffering to observe Ekadashi fasting methodically.
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