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Learn how to be optimistic as per your zodiac sign

Prerna Prerna My Jyotish Expert Updated Tue, 28 Sep 2021 09:25 PM IST
be optimistic as per your zodiac sign
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Learn the path of being optimistic according to your Zodiac

 How can every zodiac sign be more optimistic?

At times like this when the whole world is facing a global crisis, it is important to take complete care of your mind and body. You may feel a lot of pressure trying to balance between your personal and professional life, dealing with loss, grief, but at the end of the day, optimism only gets you through this era.

While hope and self-esteem are the two building blocks of optimism, here are some ways in which you can be as optimistic as your zodiac sign.
We could all use a little more optimism, especially in these historically tumultuous times. But how? That little voice whispering doomsday scenarios in our ear can be so loud sometimes (especially when we watch the news). In astrology, a sign’s inclination toward pessimism or optimism is often related to something called “qualities” or “quadruplicities.” This refers to where a zodiac sign falls in relation to the seasons and signals a sign’s acceptance or resistance to change. So if your sign falls at the start of a new season, like Libra who ushers in autumn, you may embody that same eager, initiating energy.

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