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Eid ul Adha: Know how and why Bakrid is celebrated

my jyotish expert Updated 19 Jul 2021 07:30 PM IST
Eid ul Adha: Know how and why Bakrid is celebrated
Eid ul Adha: Know how and why Bakrid is celebrated - Photo : google
The moon was sighted at various places in the country on Sunday, July 11, 2021, according to which the festival of Eid-ul-Azha (Bakrid) is celebrated on the tenth day of the moon. This year the festival of Eid ul-Adha is expected to be celebrated on Wednesday, July 21.

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Why is Bakrid celebrated ?
 Sacrifices are made on Eid-ul-Adha. It is a means by which a man obtains the blessings of Allah. Of course, the meat of sacrifice does not reach Allah, but he only sees the intention of the servants behind the sacrifice. Allah likes that the person spends his money earned in halal way in his way.

If we look at the history of sacrifice, Ibrahim Alai Salam is a prophet who had been ordered by Allah in a dream to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail (who later became a prophet) in the path of Allah. It was a test for Ibrahim 'alaiy salam, in which on one side was love for his son and on one side was the command of Allah. Ibrahim Alaiy Salaam only and only fulfilled the orders of Allah and with the intention of persuading Allah, he agreed to sacrifice his Lakhta Jigar Ismail Alayy Salaam.

Allah is Raheem Kareem and He knows the condition of the heart. As soon as Ibrahim Alay Salaam began to sacrifice his son with a knife, the chief of the angels Jibril Amin removed Ismail Alay Salaam from under the knife with lightning and put a lamb in his place. Thus the first sacrifice took place at the hands of Ibrahim Alai Salam with the lamb being jiha. After this Jibril Amin narrated the good news to Ibrahim Alaiy Salam that Allah has accepted your sacrifice and Allah is pleased with your sacrifice.

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Purpose of sacrifice
 Surely Allah knows the condition of the hearts and He understands very well what is the intention behind the sacrifice the person is offering. When a man obeys Allah's command and sacrifices just for the sake of Allah's pleasure, he will surely get the pleasure of Allah, but if there is a pretense or taqbur in the sacrifice, then his reward will be forfeited.

The sacrifice should not be done out of respect, but it should be done considering it as the worship of Allah. May Allah give us and you more skill to execute than you say.

According to the Shariat, sacrifice is obligatory for every woman and man who has 13 thousand rupees or its equivalent in gold and silver or all three (rupee, gold and silver) together are also equal to 13 thousand rupees. It is obligatory to sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha. The position of the wajib is just below the duty. If a person does not sacrifice his life despite being a sahihe status, then he will be guilty. It is not necessary that the sacrifice should be made to an expensive life. Everywhere there are parts of sacrifice in Jamatkhanas, you can be a part of that too.

If a person has not made sacrifices for many years in the status of Sahibe, then he can pay it by performing Sadka in the middle of the year. Sadak can be given little by little, not at once. It is only through Sadaqa that the souls of the dead can be reciprocated.

There is advice in the Shari'a to do three parts of meat for sacrifice. One part should be distributed among the poor, the second part should be used for his friend Ahbab and the third part should be used in his house. It is not necessary to do three parts, if the family is big then two parts or more can be used in it. It is fair to limit the meat among the poor. The process of sacrifice lasts for three days including the day of Eid.

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