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Know your personality according to the day you were born!

My jyotish expert Updated 14 Sep 2021 03:11 PM IST
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According to astrology, just as many things related to the life of people can be found out from the horoscope and zodiac, similarly a lot can be known from the time of the week in which you were born.

You must have heard a lot about the nature and personality of people according to their zodiac, horoscope, and date of birth. But do you know that every day also has its own different energy? Which is also reflected in the personality and qualities of the child born on that day. According to astrology, you can know a lot about yourself according to the day of the week in which you were born. Know here what are the characteristics of people born on which day.

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Monday: Monday is the day of the moon, so people born on this day have a fickle mind. They can't stay on one thing for very long. Such people are happy and share happiness wherever they go. That's why they are very much liked. However, there is a possibility of them having problems related to cough.

Tuesday: People born on this day are blessed by Hanuman Baba. The heart of such people is also generous like Hanuman Ji and they are ready to do anything to help the needy. However, their anger is very strong. But by nature these people are naive. They do not keep hatred towards anyone.

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Wednesday: Wednesday is considered to be the day of Ganesha. People born on this day are adept at being intelligent and conversant. These people are very dedicated towards their families and are ready to do anything for them. They are considered very lucky, so they come out easily by getting trapped in any problem.

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Thursday: People born on Thursday are very attractive personalities. People cannot live without being impressed by meeting them. They are so adept in the art of conversation that they can keep their mouth shut on any subject. They are very attractive in appearance. Due to these qualities, they soon become wealthy too.
Friday: People born on Friday are quite straightforward in nature. He likes to stay away from all kinds of debates. However, the feeling of jealousy is sometimes seen in them. Since Friday is the day of Goddess Lakshmi, she gets special blessings from the mother, so these people get every comfort.
Saturday: People born on Saturday are blessed by Shani Dev. These people get angry over the matter. But they have tremendous willpower. These people take a breath only after they have mastered the work in which they are engaged. Their life is a struggle. But they turn their fate around with their hard work and get what they want.

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Sunday: Sunday is the day of the Sun. People born on this day are also blessed by Sun God. Such people get a lot of success. Their career is also very good. These conversations are done very thoughtfully. They have a very good understanding of where and how to behave.

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