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Rahu attack: prevent your house from Rahu activity, check details.

my Jyotish Expert Updated 30 Sep 2021 01:27 PM IST
prevent attack of rahu in home
prevent attack of rahu in home - Photo : google
In Hindus, Where Rahu Is Considered A Demon, The Part Of Rahu Is Considered To Be The Head And The Part Of Ketu Is Considered To Be The Torso. In Astrology, Rahu Is Considered A Powerful And Cruel Demon Planet. Even This Mars Is Considered Capable Of Neutralizing It, That Is, If Both Mars And Rahu Come Face To Face, Then The Effect Of Both Ends. Apart From This, It Is Also Believed That Due To Rahu, Sudden Incidents And Accidents In Life Increase.

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Sometimes A Disease Arises Suddenly, The Person Gets Admitted To The Hospital. Due To Rahu, The Person Also Becomes A Victim Of Madness. According To The Object Of Lal Kitab, Although The Position Of Rahu Has Been Told In Many Places, But If Two Particular Places Are Not Kept Clean, Then The Outbreak Of Rahu Starts, Even If The Position Of Rahu In The Horoscope Is Not Correct.
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  So Let's Know Which Are Those Two Places And How Can We Keep Them Clean And Tidy Somehow.
1. Toilet Is The Main Place Of Rahu In The House. In Olden Times, Toilets Were Not Kept In The House Because Of This. Then When The Tradition Of Having Toilets Started In The House Itself, They Used To Build Toilets At A Distance Behind The House, But Nowadays Toilets Are Built Inside The House Itself.
2. Deterioration of toilet or toilet, broken, discolored or dirty is considered to be an invitation to Rahu.  It gives rise to disease and grief in the house.
 3. If by mistake your toilet is built in the Northeast, then it becomes a cause of great loss and unrest.  Put a picture of a lion hunting outside it as a first aid.  If the seating arrangement in the toilet is south or west, then it is appropriate.
 4. According to Vastu Shastra, Moon resides in the bathroom and Rahu resides in the toilet.  If Moon and Rahu come together at one place then it forms Grahan Yoga.  This pollutes the Moon.  As soon as the Moon is corrupted, many types of defects arise because the Moon is the cause of mind and water, while Rahu is considered like a poison which spoils the brain.  Due to this combination the water becomes poisonous.  Whose effect first falls on the mind of the person and secondly on his body.
 5.Keep the toilet clean, dry and beautiful.  If there is a fragrant atmosphere in it, then there will be no fault of Rahu.  For this, you place a nugget of camphor somewhere in the corner of the toilet or put salt in a glass bowl.

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 1. The second place of Rahu is on the stairs.  If the stairs are broken or dirty then Rahu will be active.  If the stairs are not neat, clean and beautiful, then Rahu becomes active there and creates turmoil in life.  Enemies become active and the person also gets surrounded by debt.
 2. Make the stairs in the house from east to west or from north to south.  Never make stairs in the North-East.  But if it is made in the wrong direction, then at least keep it clean.  Maybe make her beautiful.
 3. According to Lal Kitab, the occurrence of Rahu dosha increases the incidence and accidents in life.  Therefore, the toilet and stairs of the house should always be kept clean and fault-free.
 Remedies to avoid bad effects of Rahu
 Although many remedies are described to reduce the bad effects of Rahu, according to the belief, some special remedies which have immediate effect are as follows.
 1- To avoid the ill-effects of Rahu, one should eat food sitting on the ground in front of the fire.  That is, sit on the ground and eat the food in the place where the food is being cooked.
 2- Every Monday, by offering water mixed with Ganges water on an ancient Shivling, the Rahu dosha of the horoscope starts decreasing.
 3- To reduce the inauspicious effect of Rahu, donate black things like black clothes, black urad etc.
 4- Every Saturday, the inauspicious effect of Rahu is reduced by offering water to the Peepal tree and also to Shani Dev.
5- Chanting The Mantra “Om Ram Rahave Namah” 108 Times Daily At The Time Of Rahukaal With A Garland Of Crystals, Soon The Inauspicious Defect Of Rahu Ends.
6- Taking Bath By Adding Perfume Of Pure Sandalwood In The Water Of Bathing, Starts Giving Auspicious Effect To Rahu.
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