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Shradh 2021-know how and by whom did this tradition started

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 Sep 2021 11:17 PM IST
Shradh - Photo : Google

Many things have been told in many religious texts about Shradh. Even in the discipline festival of Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamah has told many such things to Yudhishthira regarding Shradh, which very few people know at present. It has also been told in the Mahabharata how the tradition of Shradh started and then how it gradually reached the public. Today we are telling you some such interesting things related to Shradh-

Nimi started the tradition of Shradh

According to Mahabharata, Shradh was first preached to Maharishi Nimi by the great ascetic Atri Muni. In this way first Nimi started Shradh, after that other Maharishi also started performing Shradh. Gradually people of all the four castes started giving food to the ancestors in Shradh. The deities and ancestors were completely satisfied while eating the food of Shradh continuously.

Ancestors had indigestion

Due to the continuous eating of Shradh, the ancestors got indigestion (not digested food) and due to this they started suffering. Then he went to Brahmaji and told him that after eating the food of Shradh, we have indigestion, due to which we are suffering, please do our welfare.

Hearing the words of the deities, Brahmaji said - This god of fire is sitting near me, he will do your welfare. Agnidev said - Gods and ancestors. From now on we will have food together in Shradh.

Pitru paksha: Details of Shradh with ancestor

The father should be given the pind first.

According to the Mahabharata, the Pind Daan which is given for the ancestors after performing Havan in the fire, is not contaminated even by the Brahmarakshas. Seeing Agnidev present in Shradh, the demons run away from there. First the father, after him the grandfather should then give the pind to the great-grandfather. This is the method of Shradh. Gayatri Mantra should be chanted and Somay Pitrumate Swaha should be chanted while giving each pind.

Satisfy the ancestors of the clan

A menstruating woman should not be engaged in preparing the food for Shradh. While performing the tarpan, the names of father, grandfather etc. should be pronounced clearly. On reaching the banks of a river, Pind Daan and Tarpan of ancestors must be done. First, after satisfying the ancestors of your family with water, you should offer Jalanjali to your friends and relatives. While crossing the river, sitting in a cart studded with pied oxen, one should offer tarpan to ancestors with the tail of oxen, because ancestors desire such tarpan.

Shradh must be done on Amavasya

Those who cross the river by boat should also offer offerings to their ancestors. Those who know the importance of tarpan, are focused on sitting in the boat and definitely give water to their ancestors. When half of the month has elapsed in Krishna Paksha, Shradh must be performed on that day i.e. Amavasya Tithi.

That's why the fathers should be kept happy

By worshiping the ancestors, one gets confirmation, age, semen and wealth. Brahmaji, Pulastya, Vasistha, Pulaha, Angira, Kratu and Maharishi Kashyap – these seven sages are considered to be great Yogeshwar and Pitra. Dead human beings get rid of the sufferings of demons by receiving Pind Daan by their descendants.

Sarvapitra Amavasya 2021 : Know which time is best for the peace of ancestors

Pind Daan should be done like this

️According to the Mahabharata, the first of the three bodies that are prescribed in Shradh should be put in water. The second pind should be fed to the wife of the performer and the third pind should be left in the fire, this is the law of Shraddha. One who follows it, his ancestors are always happy and satisfied and his donation is inexhaustible.

1.The first body that goes under water satisfies the moon and the moon itself satisfies the gods and ancestors.

2.In the same way, being pleased with the second body that the wife eats at the behest of the gurus, the ancestors give a son to a man who desires a son.

3. The third body is put in the fire, being satisfied with it, the ancestors fulfill all the desires of the person.

Shradh Special: Read to know when to do Shradh of which Pitra (Ancestor)

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