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Signature Astrology: Know what your nature is all about, read here

My Jyotish expert Updated 17 Nov 2021 12:19 PM IST
Signature Astrology
Signature Astrology - Photo : Google
Just as we can know a lot about the nature and personality of a person by reading the zodiac sign of a person, similarly we can know about his nature and personality with the help of the signature of that person.

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There are many such formalities in our society which are not complete without the signature, whether it is job, business or even if you have to open your account in the bank. But this signature not only shows your consent but also shows your personality and tells many special things about you. In astrology, there is such a branch which is based on the complete signature of the whole. With the help of Signature Astrology, astrologers can tell a lot about the nature and behavior of any person through his signature. Come, today we are going to know about some such things from which you can know about yourself.

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Come and know your nature with your signature
  • Such people who do not lift or stop their pen even once while signing, that is, they do their signature in one turn, such people are very much believer in traditions as well as Lots of people like this.Everyone has friends too.
  • Such people in whose signature the letters of their name are clearly visible, such people are very transparent nature and you can easily understand their feelings.
  • Such people who write the first letter of their name big while signing, these type of people are wonderful and rich, they do any work in their life in a very different way.
  • Such people who write the letters of their name in their signature in a very twisted manner and their signature can be understood, such people are of a very mysterious type. If you spend your whole life with such people, then it is very difficult for you to understand these people, these people are very quick and clever type
  • Such people who write the letters of their name from bottom to top while signing, such people are very excited and they see big dreams in their life which they also fulfill. On the other hand there are those people who write the letters of their name from top to bottom while signing, such people seem to be very disappointed souls.
  • People who sign with very deep pen while signing, these types of people are very stubborn and outspoken in their life.
  • Those people who use bindi while signing their whole life, they are not able to trust other people easily and if they have decided to complete any work, then they leave it after completing it- .
  • Such people who draw two lines under it while signing, these types of people are very insecure, these people do a lot of work in their life but they always have doubts about whether they will get success in that work or not. And that's a lot.only stingy type.

These 3 zodiacs are calm know about yours

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