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Shradh 2021: Here are some symptoms and remedies if you have angry forefathers

My Jyotish Expert Updated 15 Sep 2021 08:01 PM IST
Pitru Paksh : Angry Forefathers
Pitru Paksh : Angry Forefathers - Photo : Google
Who are the forefathers? What are the symptoms and remedies of the angry father of the house?
The ancestors are our ancestors, whose debt is on us because they have done some of the other favor for our life. Above the human world is Pitriloka, above Pitruloka is Suryaloka and above that is the heavenly world.

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When the soul first rises after leaving its body, it goes to Pitruloka, where our ancestors meet.
From there onwards, if there are more virtues, then the soul crosses the sun and goes to heaven, but only one and a half souls in crores are such, which are absorbed in God, which does not have to be born again. Many souls in the human world and the Pitruloka are again born in their own families due to their desire and attachment.

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When our ancestors look at their family with a subtle broad body and realize that the people of our family neither have approval for us nor have any love or affection nor do they remember us on any occasion. If they do not try to repay their debts, then these souls become unhappy and curse their descendants, which is called 'Pitridosh'.
Pitrudosh is an invisible barrier. This obstruction is due to the anger of the ancestors. There can be many reasons for the displeasure of ancestors, such as due to your conduct, mistake made by a family member, due to non-performing of Shradh, etc.
Apart from this, mental depression, loss in business, not getting results according to hard work, problems in marriage or marital life, problems in career or in short, in every sphere of life the person and his family have to face obstacles. In the case of Pitrudosh, even if there are favorable planetary positions, transits, dashas, auspicious results are not available, and no matter how much worship and worship of gods and goddesses are done, it's auspicious results are not available.

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Pitrudosha affects in two ways-
1. Due to degraded ancestors
2. Due to ascending ancestors
The main reason for the faults of the degraded ancestors is the unsatisfied desires of the wrong conduct done by the family members, attachment to the property and its consumption by the wrong people, the wrong decision by the family members in marriage, etc. They go, curse the family members and give negative results with their power.
The upward-moving ancestors generally do not generate Pitra Dosha, but they do generate Pitra Dosha when they are insulted in any form or if they do not follow the traditional customs of the family. The material and spiritual progress of a person gets hampered completely due to the Pitra Dosh generated by them. Then no matter how many efforts are made, no matter how many worships are done, none of their work allows this Pitru Dosh to be successful. First of all, it is necessary to know that due to which planet and which type of Pitradosh is arising?
In Janma Patrika and Pitrudosh Janma Patrika, Pitrudosh is considered from the Ascendant, fifth, eighth, and twelfth house. In Pitra Dosha, Pitra Dosh is considered mainly from the positions of the planets Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu Ketu. Out of these also, the role of Guru, Shani, and Rahu are important in each Pitru Dosha. In these, the father or grandfather is considered from the Sun, the mother or mother-in-law from the Moon, the brother or sister-in-law from Mars, and the wife from Venus.
Mainly in the birth chart of most of the people, because Pitradosh arises only when it is afflicted by Jupiter, Shani, and Rahu, so along with taking various measures, if a person also wears Panchmukhi, Satmukhi, and Eight Mukhi Rudraksha, then Pitradosh can be solved soon. it happens. Apart from wearing these Rudrakshas for the prevention of Pitradosh, it is also best to do other remedies for these planets like chanting mantras and reciting stotras.

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