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Tulsi gives the impression of an event happening to the upcoming trouble

My Jyotish Updated 08 Aug 2021 03:17 PM IST
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Tulsi is a very good ground growing tree or plant. Tulsi has many qualities and it is because of that qualities that she is seen and considered as a goddess and even tulsi is worshipped in our Indian culture. As we know there is a meaning behind every worship or behind every task in our culture, similarly there is a huge meaning hidden behind worshipping Tulsi. You may not have noticed this, but it is believed that if a member faces or suffers at home or on your family, the tulsi plant is the first to be affected. Whether you take care of the plant every day or take good care of it, it definitely dries up one day or the other. But did you know that tulsi plant tells you in advance that there is going to be some trouble in your house or if you are going to face any trouble then tulsi plant  there Lets you know in advance.

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Whenever the effect of a negative energy increases or it is exposed to some kind of germ or bacteria, the reactionary plant Tulsi fights them and does its best to fight them, but when their effect increases, the plants start drying up. As the effect of bacteria and viruses increases, tulsi's power begins to decrease, so it is considered to be the cause of the plants to dry up. But if these signs are careful lying in these small things, you can avoid many problems. 

It is believed that this is because Lakshmi ji or Tulsi ji never enters the house where there is a storehouse of troubles or if nothing good is going well in that house, it is said that Lakshmi goes to that house first because lakshmi ji or Tulsi ji never enters the house where there is unrest or impurity or the house where the tribulation is taking place. And it has been said that the cause of all this is Mercury because the effect of Mercury on green and the biggest reason is that the factor of tree plants is considered to me too. 

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If we talk about Mercury, Mercury is a planet that conveys the best and worst effects of all planets to a native, and it is said that if a planet is not bearing good fruits, it is in the hands of Mercury not to give it a good effect and if a planet is bearing good fruits, give it a good effect and Tulsi Progressive lying of plants is in the hands of Mercury. If you want to remove the defects, take 4 tulsi leaves daily in the morning on an empty stomach. 

If you are going through asthma, you can get rid of some diseases very quickly if you sit for a while in the morning with tulsi maa's asana. This modest-looking tulsi can be of great use from your birth to death. If we talk about tulsi's properties, if you have any disease, whether it is in the nose or ears and heart diseases, you can recover very quickly by using Tulsi. Keep in mind that if you don't have empty land in your house, keep tulsi in pots and keep it in your house.

1.If you place a tulsi pot near the kitchen, the family feud in your house may end, and if you place the tulsi plant in the east direction near a window, if your son is given, it will also be fine.


2.If no girl is getting married or stopping from something in your house, get the mother list water offered in the morning with the hands of that girl, which can lead to her early marriage and remove any other obstacles that are going through.


3.On the south or west side, if you keep tulsi pot and offer raw milk every morning on Fridays, as well as if you enjoy sweets, your business will be good as well as if you offer any sweet item to any suhagin woman in your family, then your job or any business you do is successful hoagy.

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