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Vastu tips: Keeping these unnecessary things on the balcony brings negativity

My jyotish expert Updated 25 Sep 2021 04:01 PM IST
vastu tips balcony
vastu tips balcony - Photo : google
We all enjoy having a balcony from where we can get all the sunlight we need and to spend some quality time just hanging there. There are also other advantages of having a balcony like we can plant plants there, have morning coffees there or just read a book sitting there, etc. Many people look for a home where it is mandatory there is a balcony to have that extra space for putting up pots of flowers or putting chairs to make a hangout space. But it is important to keep in mind these factors so the vastu of your house does not get affected and peace of the house remains maintained. Many times when we people don’t have enough space in their house, they use the balcony as a store room or put things there that are no longer in use. But are you aware how keeping junk and unnecessary things can bring negative energy into your house? Not only does it bring negative energy but it also causes unwanted arguments and fights among family members.

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No matter how small your balcony is, it’s important to put flowers or plants of your choice, instead of keeping unnecessary things. As plants help in bringing more positive energy in the house. However, it is advisable not to plant thorny plants as it causes negativity. If possible, then plant flowers which have fragrance in them so your house has a nice smell always.

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Take Care Of These Things As Well :
  • It’s important that your balcony receives enough sunlight exposure. Apart from cleaning your house regularly, it's important that you keep the balcony clean and tidy as well.
  • If the balcony is east facing then there should be no hindrance in the coming of sunlight.
  • As per Vastu Shastra,  if your house is east facing then the balcony should either be east facing or north facing.
  • If the house is west facing then it’s best to have a balcony facing in the north or west.
  • If the house is north facing then having a balcony in the east or north is considered to be favourable.
  • If the house is south facing then it’s ideal to have a balcony that is facing towards south or east.
  • Put up lights that are not dark or dim but instead makes the balcony look more warm and pretty.
  • The color of the balcony should be light colors as per Vastu such as white or beige colors or light pink too would be an ideal color. But never get it painted in dark colors as it tends to bring in more negativity.
  • Don’t put huge plants on the balcony but tiny pots.
  • If you want to put swings in the balcony then make sure it faces north or south.
  • It is also advisable, that you don't put heavy furniture on your balcony as that will consume much more space and your mind will feel more complex.
  • Balcony should be kept as a space that helps you clean your messy thoughts and not make it messier than before. So it will be best when kept free from junk and unwanted things
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