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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Wondering why mouse is the only vahana of Lord Ganesha? Read to know the whole story

Wondering why mouse is the only vahana of Lord Ganesha? Read to know the whole story

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 Sep 2021 11:24 AM IST
Mouse - Vahan of Lord Gnaesha
Mouse - Vahan of Lord Gnaesha - Photo : Google
Have you ever wondered why a mouse rides such a big Ganesh Ji? All the Gods have more than one rider,
but why only a small mouse with the first worshipped Lord Ganesha? Let us tell you from where did this
ride come to Shri Ganesh and who is this mouse.
According to a popular legend, Kronch was a male with half god and half demonic nature. Once Lord
Indra called all the sages to his meeting, Cronch also joined in this meeting. Here, by mistake, the foot of
Kronch was placed on the feet of a sage. Infuriated by this, the sage cursed Kronch to become a mouse.
Kroncha apologized to the sage, but he could not take back his curse. But he gave a boon that in the
coming time he would become the ride of Lord Shiva's son Ganesha
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Kronch was not a small but a giant mouse, which in minutes could gnaw mountains. Its terror was so
much that he used to trouble the sages and sages living in the forest a lot. Similarly, one day he also
destroyed the hut of Maharishi Parashar. Maharishi Parashar was meditating on Lord Ganesha. All the
sages present outside the hut tried a lot to drive him away, but could not succeed

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To solve this problem, he went to Lord Ganesha and told him everything. Ganesha threw a loop to catch the mouse. This loop followed the
mouse to Hades and caught it and brought it in front of Ganesh Ji. Ganesh Ji
wanted to know the reason for this destruction from the mouse, but the angry
mouse did not give any answer. That is why Ganesh Ji further said to the mouse
that now you are in my shelter, so ask me whatever you want, but do not disturb
Maharishi Parashar.
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On this the arrogant mouse said to Ganesh Ji, 'I do not want anything from you. Yes, if you want, you can
ask me for something." Seeing this pride, Ganesh Ji asked the mouse to become his ride. The mouse
obeyed him and agreed to become the ride. Sitting upstairs, he started pressing on his body by filling
them heavily. The mouse tried a lot but could not take a step forward with Ganesh Ji.
the pride of the mouse was shattered and he said to Ganesh Ji, "Ganpati Bappa! Forgive me. I am being
suppressed by your weight." By accepting this apology, Ganesh Ji reduced his weight. Thus he called the
ride of Lord Ganesha, rodents rat
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