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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Pitru Paksha: With 44 pillars and 54 altars, the Vishnupad temple of Gaya holds a special place of worship for ancestral rituals

Pitru Paksha: With 44 pillars and 54 altars, the Vishnupad temple of Gaya holds a special place of worship for ancestral rituals

My jyotish expert Updated 02 Oct 2021 10:42 AM IST
Vishnupad Temple
Vishnupad Temple - Photo : Google
Vishnupad Temple is the impression of Lord Vishnu in Satyug. This sanctuary was remodeled in the eighteenth century. In the Shraddha Paksha, individuals go to the sanctuary based on the strides of Lord Vishnu for the ceremonies of offering petitions to the progenitors. Situated in Gaya, Bihar, this sanctuary is known as Vishnupad Temple. In the event of Pitru Paksha, aficionados here think of it as exceptionally important to perform Shradh rituals for the salvation of their progenitors. This sanctuary is otherwise called Dharmashila. It is likewise accepted that seeing the feet of Lord Vishnu in this sanctuary after the contribution of precursors annihilates all distresses and the progenitors accomplish the sacred world. The Vishnu sanctuary arranged on the western bank of the blessed Falgu waterway has many elements.

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Redesigned in the eighteenth century

There is a gold urn on the highest point of the sanctuary, a brilliant banner, a silver chhatra in the sanctum sanctorum of silver. All are 50-50 kg. Inside is the footpad of Vishnu Ji. The eastern entryway of the sanctum is likewise made of silver. The length of the feet of Lord Vishnu is around 40 cms. Specialists say that it was revamped by Maharani Ahilyabai in the eighteenth century, yet the feet of Vishnu here is from the Satyuga time frame.

Sitakund is apparent

Sitakund is arranged on the eastern bank of the stream Falgu, relatively close to the sanctuary. It is accepted that Shri Ram, alongside Mother Sita, had come here to perform Pind Daan of Maharaj Dasharatha, where Sita Ji had offered Pind Dasaratha to Maharaj Dasaratha with sand falgu water and here the significance of Pind Daan made of sand expanded.

According to Vastu, put curtains of this color in these directions

Test structure

The Vishnupad sanctuary has been based on a gold-fortifying model stone. The stature of this sanctuary is around 100 feet. There are 44 columns in the Sabha Mandap. Of the 54 special raised areas, 19 are in Vishnupad itself, where Pind Daan is performed for the freedom of the progenitors. Pind Daan is held here consistently.

Legendary conviction

It is accepted that here the impressions of Lord Vishnu are on the stone of Mata Dharmavatta, spouse of sage Marichi. It is said that Mata Dharmavatta Shila was brought from Dharmapuri to balance out the devil Gayasur, which Lord Vishnu squeezed him with his feet while putting it on Gayasur. After this, the impressions of God were made on the stone. Vishnupad is the main spot on the planet where the feet of Lord Vishnu can be seen straightforwardly.

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How are impressions made?

These Vishnu impressions are embellished with sandalwood. Mace, chakra, conch, and so on are recorded on it. This custom is likewise supposed to be extremely old, which is proceeded in the sanctuary for a long time.

160-year-old clock

There is a 160-year-old incense check in the sanctuary premises. It was set up in Vikram Samvat 1911. As the sun moves from east to west, the shadow of an article moves from west to east, projecting a shadow on the lined surface, showing the long stretches of time in the day. In this watch, the numbers are set apart on the metal on the upper part by introducing a paya in a round shape at a stature of 3 feet.

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